According to Boris Johnson, we WILL get through the Omicron wave, and curbs may be phased out soon.


According to Boris Johnson, we WILL get through the Omicron wave, and curbs may soon be phased out.

“We will get through this wave,” BORIS Johnson declared as statistics revealed a triple whammy of Covid good news.

The UK Covid cases fell for the second day in a row, indicating that the Omicron storm is subsiding.

The number of people admitted to hospitals in London — Omicron’s epicenter — has also decreased.

For the second day in a row, the number of people infected with the virus and requiring ventilation in England’s hospitals fell.

Inside Downing Street, hopes are growing that all Plan B curbs will be removed by the end of the month, allowing Britain to return to normalcy.

The Sun has learned that all holiday tests will be scrapped at the end of the month, providing a huge boost to sun-seeking Brits.

Eager Tory MPs pressed Mr Johnson to go even further, urging him to become the first world leader to abolish all Covid legal restrictions.

The Prime Minister stated that Britain has been hit by “wave after wave” of Covid for two years, but that the NHS has done an “extraordinary job” fighting it.

“We will get through this wave of Omicron,” he said on a trip to a vaccine center in Northampton, sounding upbeat.

It came as new NHS data revealed that the number of London Covid hospitalizations dropped from 4,074 on Wednesday to 4,053 yesterday.

The number of people on ventilators in England has decreased from 769 to 762 as a result of Covid.

The number of Covid cases in the United Kingdom decreased from 194,747 to 179,756.

They have now fallen for the second day in a row.

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Experts say that while Omicron is infecting a large number of people in the United Kingdom, it is not causing as many hospitalizations.

Those who have not had their vaccine or booster, according to Dr Claire Steves, who works on the ZOE Covid Study App, are the most vulnerable to ending up in wards.

“Omicron appears to be more successful at infecting those who have had previous vaccines,” she said, adding that it does not always result in hospitalization.

“So, if you’ve only had two doses of vaccine and are eligible for a third, please schedule it right away.”

Conservative MPs urged Mr Johnson to seize the initiative and declare a new day of liberty on which all legal Covid restrictions, including self-isolation laws, will be lifted.

Instead of being threatened with arrest, they suggested that we should learn to live with coronavirus as we do with flu and be given guidance.

The Prime Minister “could…,” one new Tory MP told The Daily Telegraph.

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