Ads for lip fillers aimed at teenagers have been banned as part of the Sun campaign’s victory.


Ads for lip fillers that target teenagers have been banned as part of the Sun campaign’s victory.

Regulators have announced that advertisements for cosmetic surgery can no longer be directed at teenagers.

In a victory for The Sun’s Had Our Fill campaign, it includes a crackdown on social media promotions.

The new rules will take effect in May 2022, according to the UK’s advertising watchdog.

Under-18s will no longer be able to see advertisements for products like lip and face fillers, Botox, boob and nose jobs.

Ads cannot be placed on any non-broadcast platform, including social media, magazines, and influencers, or next to teen-targeted TV or radio programming.

“This is a huge and welcome step forward in protecting children from unnecessary and potentially dangerous procedures,” Laura Trott MP said.

“Botox and fillers are unnecessary for children, and as a result of today’s announcement, unscrupulous providers will no longer be able to prey on our society’s most vulnerable.”

The changes are the result of a public consultation by the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP), which creates the rules that must be followed by all UK advertisers.

Concerns about the mental health of young, impressionable people have grown as a result of advertising for plump pouts and other treatments.

“Body image pressures and negative body image perceptions are especially vulnerable to children and young people,” according to CAP.

According to research, those in their teenage years are most likely to experience a rapid decline in image positivity.

“Because of the inherent risks of cosmetic intervention procedures and the potential appeal of these services to young people struggling with body confidence issues, it’s important we set the bar necessary high in terms of marketing,” CAP director Shahriar Coupal said.

“The new rules will prevent ads from being targeted at under-18s, and where they are seen by children and young people, our strict content rules will ensure that the ads do not mislead or exploit the audience’s vulnerabilities.”

Ads for surgery will no longer be allowed to air alongside popular shows like Love Island, which attract millions of young viewers.

Advertisements for breast augmentations have previously been shown and then banned from being shown during the show’s time slot.

While plastic surgery is not available to those under the age of 18, the advertisements were thought to encourage very young women to consider their body insecurities.

Many of the women in these advertisements were young, but over the age of 18, or were social media influencers with teen audiences.

Although most surgeons will specify that women must be at least 18 unless for exceptional reasons, there is no actual regulated minimum age for implant surgery, such as breast enlargement…

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