Advisor to the president for health: the world is connected to decode Corona.. vaccination


12:14 am

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Said Dr. Mohamed Awad tag Eldin, advisor to the president of the Republic for health, it must be the interaction between the drug and vaccine, the first dealing with disease, the vaccine gives a kind of vaccination resistance against the disease, explaining that the world is connected to decode the genetic code of the MERS-CoV.

Assured the “Crown debt”, during the intervention telephone program “Mr. citizen”, the submission of Mr. Ali, that there are clinical trials in the stages of initial exit fax or vaccinated against the disease, and the likelihood that this development will be addressed in the month of September, pointing out that clinical trials in its final stages to humans.

He explained that a large number of companies producing vaccines has moved and taken the risk to produce it, despite the lack of end stages of clinical don’t, and the car is currently in getting the quantity and how to distribute them fairly to the world, indicating that vaccination of the University of “Oxford” is significant financial support from the British government and the United States and the drug will be manufactured.

He added that in this pandemic vaccination would be non-commercial in the world, and will be priced at its cost in case of sale, the follow-up to the World Association of vaccines function by providing vaccines to all states of the world in a balanced and equitable manner.

Advisor to the president, that Egypt has submitted a request to the World Federation of vaccines to be Egypt’s share of the fair expect to have us share in this treatment, adding that one of the companies will have to produce in addition to India, which will be in charge, it is expected that the company produces Indian million doses of the vaccine.

He stressed adviser to the president, that the law of the clinical trials already exists, and the president had his notes on the amendment already.



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