Amsterdam, and the UNIVERSITY is a powerful antibodies to feline corona virus


City of Amsterdam and the UNIVERSITY has the antibodies and found that, according to the hospital to be promising in the treatment of the corona virus.

The detected antibodies are of Amsterdam, UNIVERSITY of Amsterdam, patients who have recently been infected with the new corona virus. “These new antibodies, are a hundred times stronger than the antibodies that we had,” says Marit van Gils, leader of the study.


In several countries, to examine, to see whether the antibodies in the blood of the cured patients will be able to help with the feline corona virus under control. Sometimes, in earlier versions of the virus in the studies taken into consideration, such as the sarsvirus.

The detected antibodies, in the city of Amsterdam and the UNIVERSITY is strong, says Van Gils. This would mean that there are not a lot of need for the corona virus to combat it, which means the cheaper it will be.

The hospital is going to have the antibody test first, try it out on the animals. At the beginning of next year, the researchers and the test subjects.


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