As four countries are now infected with the super strain, the ‘horrific’ Covid variant has spread to Israel.


The ‘horrific’ Covid variant has spread to Israel, with four countries now infected.

After being discovered in Botswana, South Africa, and Hong Kong, a new coronavirus variant has spread to Israel.

The bug, known as B1.1.529, has 32 mutations, which is twice as many as the delta variant, and experts are warning that it could force countries to revert to lockdowns.

Today, the ‘terrifying’ mutation was discovered in Israel, with the country’s health ministry confirming that one person had tested positive for the strain.

Two other passengers were quarantined, according to the ministry’s statement today.

The patient had recently returned from Malawi, which is bordered by Mozambique and Tanzania, according to the report.

The fact that the patient had returned from Malawi suggests that the variant is spreading across Africa.

In South Africa, there are nearly 80 cases of the variant, and experts warn that the strain is causing an outbreak of new cases, with some regions seeing a six-fold increase in infections in just a few days.

The mutation has caused concern in South Africa because it has’spread rapidly’ among the country’s young population in Gauteng, one of the country’s most populous provinces.

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s prime minister, said the country is still gathering information on the variant.

“I ask everyone to be prepared and fully participate in the work at all times,” he added.

Flights from South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Eswatini, and Zimbabwe will be suspended starting at midday, with all six countries being added to the red list, according to Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

Mr. Javid stated that the new South African variant “may be more transmissible” than the Delta strain, and that “the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective.”

Thousands of people who arrived from South Africa in the last ten days are also being tracked down by officials.

Following a patient’s return from South Africa, two cases were discovered in Hong Kong.

Despite the fact that cases have now been found all over the world, experts have stated that virus mutations are normal and expected.

Professor Devi Sridhar said this morning on Good Morning Britain that the virus will continue to evolve as long as it has a chance to circulate somewhere in the world.

“At some point, as we’ve seen with Alpha and Delta, one of those mutations will gain a selective advantage by being more transmissible.”

“It’s to be expected, and people shouldn’t be concerned; we’ll hear about variants in the future.”

She mentioned that the World Health Organization (WHO) is holding a meeting today to discuss the variant and what recommendations the organization will make to governments.

“I believe you’ll see a lot of countries…

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The map above shows the places where the new variant has been detected

The map above shows the places where the new variant has been detected

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