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Currently, pints are being pulled across Ireland again after pubs and bars that serve food were able to open for the first time since mid-March.

Boozy Brits are set to spend a record £210million at pubs as they reopen after lockdown across large parts of the country.

After months of coronavirus lockdown with venues completely shut, one pub landlord compares the reopening of his boozer to his wedding day as they reopen this weekend

Pubs will look a lot different post lockdown

Angus Fleming has a pint of Guinness in Mary Mac’s pub

Niall Lawless is putting up social distancing signs in preparation for customers returning

Many establishments have divided up their floor-space with partitions to ensure social distancing compliance.

A publican compared Monday to his wedding day as he welcomed back his regulars after months of lockdown.

Punters have to book a table in advance and standing waiting for your drink at the bar is no longer allowed, with all custom now conducted by table service.

But post-lockdown pub life is very different to what went before.

“Publicans and bar staff are very much social beings and we enjoy being out and we enjoy interacting with our customers, it’s what we do well,” he said.

Niall Lawless, the owner of Mary Mac’s in south Dublin, said it had been a very hard few months.

“This morning coming in it felt like I was getting married again,” he said.

Mr Lawless said there had been a great buzz around reopening.

“And to be sitting at home looking at the four walls has certainly been trying, as my wife would tell you.”

With those all cancelled for the foreseeable future, Mr Lawless anticipates a hard road ahead.

The pub relies on a lot of trade from sports and music fans attending matches and concerts at the nearby RDS and Aviva stadiums.

“It was great to be coming in.”

“When we closed we had been looking at a very good year, now it’s about sticking your finger in the dyke and hoping to survive,” he said.

“It’s great, I’ve been looking forward to it for a few months,” he said.

“I enjoy my nice quiet pint with the paper and a bite to eat.”

Angus Fleming, a regular at Mary Mac’s, savoured his first pint of Guinness back at his local.


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