BEWARE: FDA Warns About Injectable Drugs Containing Lead, Mercury, Strychnine Manufactured by Homeopaths


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified four manufacturers, labeled as “homeopaths” that are distributing dangerous injectable products that contain lead, mercury, and strychnine.

According to Ars Technica’s latest report, the FDA announced a crackdown on dangerous injectable products being sold by four homeopathic companies on Tuesday, June 16. 

An announcement made by the FDA stated that the products are illegal and pose serious risks to patient health since some of them are meant to be injected directly into the bloodstream. The US agency created warning letters, all dated June 11, which were distributed to each of the product sellers. 

“These unapproved injectable drugs are particularly concerning because they inherently present greater risks to patients because of how they are administered,” said Donald Ashley, the director of the office of compliance in the FDA’s center for drug evaluation and research. 

“These products are further concerning given that they are labeled to contain potentially toxic ingredients intended for injection directly into the body. These warning letters reflect our continued commitment to patient safety,” he explained further.  

The report explained that homeopathy is a pseudoscience involving the erroneous belief that “like cures like.” The phrase means that if a toxic substance causes similar symptoms to a disease, it will also most likely to treat the disease. Homeopaths also believe that their healing potency can be increased by extreme dilutions of toxic substances. 

According to the FDA’s report, there are no marketed products labeled as homeopathic that are currently approved by the health agency for any use.

The agency also confirmed that there is no assurance that illegal drugs meet modern standards for effectiveness, quality, and safety. A wide range of substances, including ingredients extracted from healthy or diseased animal or human sources, minerals, chemicals, and plants can be used to create homeopathic products.

These products are widely available in the market and are often marketed as natural, safe, and effective alternatives to approved prescription and nonprescription products.

It was also stated that the injectable products, which lack of premarket quality review, generally pose a greater risk of health issues to users because the products’ route of administration bypasses some of the body’s natural defense response. 

Warning letters were issued by the FDA to the following homeopathic companies: MediNatura Inc., 8046255 Canada Inc., World Health Advanced Technologies Ltd., and Hervert Pharmaceuticals LLC.

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