Boris Johnson Covid announcement: The public ‘WON’T believe the PM’s claims about the party scandal,’ as Tory MPs demand he resign.


Boris Johnson Covid announcement: The public ‘WON’T believe the PM’s claims about the party scandal,’ as Tory MPs demand he resign.

THE PUBLIC “won’t accept” Boris Johnson’s claims that the Downing Street garden party was a “work event,” amid mounting pressure on the Prime Minister to resign.

The Prime Minister’s controversy, according to Northern Ireland First Minister Paul Givan, is detracting from efforts to communicate public health messages in the province.

“If it was an attempt to justify that this wasn’t a party and that it was work-related,” he said, “I don’t think the public accepted that justification.”

“At the end of the day, Boris Johnson not only needs to persuade the general public, but he also needs to persuade his own party.”

The Prime Minister’s future will be decided by them.

Either he or the Conservative Party will make the decision about his future.

“And I believe Sue Gray’s report, for which she is responsible, will be extremely important.”

I believe it is critical that that work be completed so that we can all put this behind us and focus on the larger public health message rather than being distracted by what is going on in Downing Street.”

Boris Johnson apologised to the Commons yesterday for his role in the Downing Street lockdown parties, but a number of Conservative MPs have called for him to resign.

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Mr Johnson will now have to wait for the results of an investigation by Whitehall sleaze-buster Sue Gray over the weekend.

He’d spent nearly 48 hours trying to avoid talking about the leaked party invitation that has rocked Westminster, claiming he couldn’t comment because the investigation was still ongoing.

Unless and until the Sue Gray investigation finds evidence of criminality, the Metropolitan Police will not investigate any of the Downing Street parties.

Boris Johnson apologised in Parliament yesterday for attending a No10 event during lockdown, but claimed it was a “work event.”

“Officers do not normally investigate breaches of coronavirus regulations when they are reported long after they are said to have occurred,” the Met Police said in a statement.

“However, officers may review and consider significant evidence suggesting a violation of the regulations if it becomes available.”

“The Cabinet Office and the Department for Education are conducting an investigation into gathering at Number 10 Downing Street,” it continued.

“In relation to this investigation, the Met has maintained contact with the Cabinet Office.”

If the investigation uncovers evidence of potentially criminal behavior, it will be forwarded to the Met…

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