[BREAKING] 21 COVID-19 Drugs Showed Promising Results: Some of Them are Proven Safe and Can be Combined With Remdesivir


Scientists had finally identified the 21 drugs that may be effective in treating COVID-10–four of them might be used with remdesivir. According to The Daily Mail’s latest report, 21 compounds identified by scientists showed promising results in treating the viral disease. The drugs include those leprosy medicines that were already approved, and failed experimental cancer treatments and allergy drugs. 

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The new study was published by the Nature journal, stating that 13 of the drugs were already proven safe at doses unlikely to cause dangerous side effects to the COVID-19 patients in trials for other purposes. Four of the new drugs might work well if combined with remdesivir, claimed by the researchers from Sandford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in California.

These four medicines already have the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) emergency approval so that they could be used for COVID-19 treatment. Scientists have been testing the drugs using miniature lung organoids to check if they can treat coronavirus, which killed more than 140,000 Americans since Jan-looking for the latest update of COVID-19? Be notified with the news TechTimes. Also, check how the novel coronavirus can live inside the human heart for months.

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Based on the United Kingdom’s studies, currently, the most effective drug to treat the novel coronavirus is the cheap steroid dexamethasone. This medicine is already approved for other uses in the United States. However, the studies to measure its efficacy are still in progress.

The scientist claimed that 4 of the newly identified drugs will work well if combined with Remdesivir. The first one is “Clofazimine,” which was used to treat the bacteria that causes leprosy. However, this medicine doesn’t kill the bacteria in one go, but it gradually neutralizes it to slow the infection’s growth.

The report confirmed that the U.S. FDA already approves clofazimine since 1986. “Tetrandrine” (Hangfangchin A) will be the second drug, an older form of the controversial malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. The U.S. FDA does not yet approve it since it is currently in phase 3 trials.

The third drug will be “Apilimod,” which is currently under development to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases. It can treat COVID-19 by preventing the virus from entering cells. “Ono 5334” is the fourth drug that could be partnered with Remdesivir. It is an experimental osteoporosis medicine to prevent human bone from being reabsorbed. This drug is said to have the ability to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from entering the cells by blocking the activity of an enzyme. Keep your tabs open for updates of the COVID-19 drug at TechTimes.
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