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In a Q&A on its website, the zoo said if suitable homes couldn’t be found, some of the animals would have to be put to sleep.

The Wild Planet Trust in Devon had warned it wouldn’t be able to reopen its Living Coasts site because of the huge amount of money it has lost since the start of the coronavirus lockdown.

The Wild Planet Trust warned this week it couldn’t afford to reopen its Living Coasts site in Devon due to the huge costs it has faced during the coronavirus lockdown

All the animals at a closed zoo in Devon have been successfully rehoused

Living Coasts in Torquay, Devon had warned it couldn’t afford to keep its animals due to the coronavirus crisis

There were fears some of the animals would have to be put down if they couldn’t be rehomed

But this morning, the zoo updated fans to say a worldwide network of zoos and aquariums, as well as the community, came together to rehome the animals in their specialist facilities.

All the animals at a closed zoo will be relocated to new homes after fears they would have to be euthanised.

But the animals won’t be moved immediately due to the difficulties of moving the creatures to other zoos or aquariums.

The zoo said: “In the unlikely event that we cannot find housing that suits their needs, we may need to make the difficult decision to euthanise.”

“There is a range of legislation we need to comply with — for example, the size of animal carrier we move them in, and what “permits”, “passports” and health certificates they need to cross country borders.

Dr Kirsten Pullen, Director of Conservation and Education at the zoo, told MirrorOnline: “We needed to ensure that their new home is the right habitat, the right social grouping and has the right experienced staff working with them.

“In the meantime, Living Coasts staff will continue to care for the animals.”

“At every step, the wellbeing of our animals is key to a successful transport.

“We need to be sure the transport company is experienced and reliable, and they have all the paperwork ready for inspection.

Simon Tonge, Executive Director of Wild Planet Trust, said: “I am pleased, but not surprised, that we have found homes for our animals so quickly.

“The zoo community is very networked and mutually supportive.

“Thank you to all our members and friends for sharing your concerns and I hope you are reassured that our animals are in the best possible hands.”

Most of the animals at Living Coasts are marine species which need to be kept in specialist facilities.

Announcing its closure earlier this week, the zoo said; “It is with regret that Wild Planet Trust has to announce that it will not be reopening Living Coasts as a visitor attraction following its closure during the current global coronavirus pandemic.


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