Coronavirus, back the contagions: 329, 73% in Lombardy In the Rsa, 41% of the deaths for the Covid


Record of tampons, 77mila in a day – The pads for the coronavirus in Italy mark the record – over 77mila in 24 hours, 30 thousand more than the day before – and the cases of infection increased over 50% reported 329 new positive Tuesday were 210), as many as 73.5% of the total in Lombardy, with 242 cases. But there is also good news, with zero new cases in 5 Regions and in south Tyrol and in 11 regions that do not record the other victims. At the national level, the people who died were 43, an increase compared to the last two days, but by 4 days under 50. And the same Lombardy does mark a decline of the importance of inpatients and patients in the icu.

The numbers of the civil Protection – The data of civil Protection, bringing the total number of official victims from Covid-19 in Italy 34.448, almost four months after “patient zero” in Codogno in the Lodi area. The sick – the people are still positive – are now less than 24 thousand, while the healed and discharged from hospital rose to 179.455. Are 163 patients admitted to icu – the six regions do not have at the moment, 14 less than the previous day, well 10 less in Lombardy, that he is now 59. The patients with symptoms are instead 3.113, with a decrease of 188, the ones in isolation to the home, down to 20.649, with a decrease of 442 units.

Lombardia, with more outbreaks, but many come with serological – With about half of the regions that begin to almost catch a glimpse of the status of “Covid free”, the focus inevitably remains on Lombardy, even though the region Piedmont, for example, are still sending signals from keep under close observation. But in the territory of far more impressed by the coronavirus, there are more than 62% of the sick in Italy, the positive percentage of new cases tested remains 3.2%, which is about ten times more than the rest of the Country (0,32%), to be substantially stationary for a few weeks. For several days the Lombardia Region provides data that is more comprehensive and articulated on the progress of the pandemic. Now, for example, about 242 new positive 58 is the result of the serological test followed by buffer, the other 184 other offences. Half of the new cases are found, they are defined by the Region of “weakly positive”, i.e. with low viral load. The victims in Lombardy are now 16.480, almost 50 percent of the national total.

Immune to three million mobile phones – Crucial to turn off the pandemic is the tracing of the contacts of the positive, with the App Immune tool of the first line. So far the application – from last Monday-operational and integrated with the health system throughout the national territory -, has been downloaded three million times, according to the ministry of Innovation. In Germany, similar App submitted as soon as Tuesday, has already been downloaded 6 million times. And meanwhile, the first results of the testing of Immune in 4 regions: in Puglia, in the ten days following activation have not been reported cases of infection.

In the Rsa 41.2% of the deaths caused by Covid – And make impression the numbers that come from the survey conducted by the Iss and by the Italian authority persons deprived of their personal freedom contagion Covid-19 in the Rsa through a questionnaire to which they responded 1356 facilities equal to 41.3 percent of those contacted. On 9154 deceased subjects, 680 were positive to the pad and 3.092 had presented flu-like symptoms approximately 41.2%, with 7.4% of the total number of deaths with feedback of infection from SARS-CoV-2, and 33.8% with flu-like symptoms that have not been made to the buffer. The peak of deaths has been reported in the period 16-31 march. The rate of mortality, considering the deaths of residents with flu-like symptoms, is 3.1%, but increases up to 6.5% in Lombardy. Here the total deaths in the Rsa that have responded to the questionnaire were in the period considered 3.793, of which 281 (7,4% of the total) positive and 1.807 (47,6% of the total) with symptoms; in Piedmont, 1658 deaths, with 161 (9.7%) as positive and 410 (24,7%) with symptoms; in the Veneto region 1.136 deaths, with 38 (3.3%) were positive, and 180 (15,8%) with symptoms; in Tuscany 640 deaths in total of which 36 (5,6%) positive Covid and 154 (24,1%) with symptoms; in Emilia Romagna 639 total deaths in the Rsa who responded to the survey, Iss 81 (12,7%) positive and 265 (41,5%) with symptoms.

Aifa: No benefit from Tocilizumab – It is, instead, ended prematurely after enrollment of 126 patients (one-third of the case studies provided) the study randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of tocilizumab, administered in the early stage, in respect of the standard therapy in patients with pneumonia from Covid-19 of recent onset that require hospital care, but not procedures of mechanical ventilation (invasive or semi-invasive. The study showed no benefit in patients treated either in terms of aggravation (entrance to the intensive care unit (icu), nor as regards survival. In the context of the treatment of patients with Covid-19, tocilizumab should be considered therefore as an experimental drug, the use of which should be limited only within the scope of clinical trials.

Germany, an outbreak in an abattoir: 657 infected – Authorities in western Germany have reported that 657 people employed in a large plant, meat packing are found to be positive for the Covid-19. The health authority regional Guetersloh said that the new cluster is connected to a slaughterhouse operated by the group of Toennies in nearby Rheda-Wiedenbrueck. There have been several outbreaks in abattoirs and the germans in the last weeks, which have prompted the government to impose safety rules are more stringent for the industry and prohibit the practice of the use of subcontractors. Toennies Group has reported that the slaughterhouse is the biggest site and employs over 6,000 employees.

Beijing armored against the virus: “Ready for the worst” – In the meantime the China, but with her the rest of the world, is apprehensive about the news coming from Beijing. The capital is armored and were mobilized 100 thousand health care workers prepared for the worst while the Covid-19 is spread in 9 of the 17 districts
of the city. The curve for the epidemiological of the new outbreak of the virus has shown a trend still on the rise,” he admitted in the press conference Pang Xinghuo, vice-director of the Center for prevention and disease control of the chinese capital: in fact, it can be placed in the account “a further increase in outbreaks,” because of the size of the wholesale market Xinfadi, the largest in Asia for food, and fluctuations difficult to identify the migrant population.

Mini lockdown in Beijing – The lockdown “soft” imposed in Beijing, according to the definition used by the official media, has led to the closure of primary and secondary schools, the prohibition to leave the city for those who live in areas considered to be at risk, and the return of the control of the temperature and of the obligation of the mask in enclosed public places or in crowded places. The Office of sport has requested a stop to the events and gyms for the alert health increased from level 3 to 2: suspended weddings, press conferences, banquets and activities with a substantial number of people. Health authorities have ordered checks in almost 500 markets of vegetables and 1.658 supermarkets on products that may be contaminated by the Covid-19.

The suspect (then dead) on Norwegian salmon – Re-launched already Sunday according to the reconstruction of the genome of the virus in record time, the hypothesis that the contagion is tied to the salmon, the european seems to be falling. Norway is affected by the blocking of export, has stated that “the case is in the resolution phase. We are working on the details and I can confirm that the issue seems to be resolved,” noted the minister of Fisheries Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen. The new outbreak of the Covid-19 is judged to be “preliminary” as caused by transmission from man to man, or from contamination of objects or the environment. Shi Guoqing, vice director of the emergency Centre of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has admitted that there is no evidence that the salmon is “was the vehicle or the vehicle intermediate of the coronavirus”. The market Xinfadi were found the salmon to be infected, but “the virus has not been detected on those that have not been brought on the site”. The question remains whether the hasty attribution to an external factor may have wanted to eliminate the suspicions about the “war of liberation” against the virus now declared conquered by China.

The Usa and Brazil, the numbers that make terror – America, Trump has taken another sad record in a pandemic coronavirus: the death toll, now over 117mila, has exceeded even that of the victims of the american of the First world war, which were 116.516. Not to mention the Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro, second only to the Usa for number of cases (nearly a million) and deaths (over 45mila). In Brazil, the pandemic continues to run with a new record of bird in 24 hours: almost 35 thousand. The new victims instead of just skimming quota of 1,300. All this while the president thinks of following as the only spectator in a football match behind closed doors will be held tomorrow at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.



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