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Due to social distancing rules, infected people can only pass on less concentrated traces of the virus – making the “infectious dose” lower.

Covid-19 is spreading lower doses of the disease which is keeping hospital admissions low despite the fact daily case totals are staying high, experts believe.

Experts claim Covid-19 is spreading lower doses which are keeping the death toll low and hospital admissions down despite the fact daily case totals are still high

Coronavirus is as infectious as ever but it is weakening, experts have claimed

Cases have continued to rise yet hospital admissions have remained low

It has been reported the UK quarantine period may be slashed from two weeks to 8 days

But doctors are making it clear not enough is known about the virus at the current time to determine whether it is dose-dependent.

Coronavirus is infectious as ever but it is getting weaker, scientists have said in a hopeful step forward.

This means the newly-infected patient would have a smaller infection so the virus will have less serious effects, similar to chickenpox.

At that point, around 150 sufferers were hospitalised every day.

In the first week of July, the number of coronavirus infections hit a low of 550-a-day in the UK.

This has been the case with other similar viruses such as SARS and MERS.

Since last week, the number of new infections has risen, with 1,500 testing positive last week.

In England, around 450 patients are currently battling Covid-19 in hospital, a huge fall from the peak of 17,000 back in April.

But the death rate of patients in hospital has fallen during the same period, with a total of 51 deaths in that week.

Dr Elisabetta Groppelli, a virologist at St George’s University of London, told The Sun: “If you are exposed to a smaller amount of virus, fewer cells in your body get infected, so there’s time for your immune system to mount a response.

In the Midlands NHS area, 485 people earlier this year were fighting the disease on ventilators, but that number has now fallen to seven.

“There is not particularly solid data for Covid-19 at the moment, but it’s logical.”

“If you get lots of cells infected at once, you are already starting on the back foot.

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