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Mr Johnson said the restrictions were brought in to “beat the virus” and “prevent a second national lockdown”.

The new “rule of six” will prevent people from gathering in groups larger than six people – inside and outside.

From Monday, September 14, there will be a ban on groups larger than six forming inside or outside – but there are some people except from the strict rules

Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference on September 9

Schools are exempt from the rule

No more than six people can gather in a restaurant

However, he also mentioned there would be some “limited exceptions” to the rule.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced strict new rules which will come into effect on Monday September 14 for gatherings in a bombshell speech yesterday.

Here all all the exemptions from the new coronavirus rules explained.

Those who break the rules will face a £100 fine, which doubles for each offence, up to £3,200.

Households or support bubbles with more than six people are exempt from the new rules.

But if half the residents decide to go somewhere else, they could have a couple of friends round.

However, keep in mind that if you are a household of seven – it doesn’t mean you can invite five friends round.

That means if everyone lives together, or if your support bubble makes up more than six people – you are okay.

The rules around support bubbles is that if one household can join together with another if one of them contains only one adult.

And a bubble must be exclusive, you can’t be in more than one support bubble.

The law will also allow for an exemption to “continue existing arrangements where children do not live in the same household as both their parents”.

It also doesn’t apply to gatherings of more than six people for work, education or organised sports.

That means kids can divide their time between divorced or separated parents’ homes, without the rule of six applying.




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