COVID-19 Most Likely to Infect Taller People? Study Found Higher Risks Caused by Aerosols


Most likely, coronavirus may infect taller people compared to those with average height, according to a new study. BGR says the novel coronavirus is still spreading so fast because some people ignore the essential safety measures implemented by the authorities to reduce the risk of transmission. 

People are advised to practice social distancing, wash their hands frequently, and wear face masks whenever they go out in public to curb the spread of coronavirus infection. For more new studies about how COVID-19 spreads, check the latest coronavirus updates at TechTimes. Also, check how the viral disease can linger inside the heart of those patients who already recovered.

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However, some people are still ignoring the guidelines so that they could return to normal life. Although more studies are emerging, showing that face masks can reduce the transmission of viral disease, wearing face masks seems to remain the most sensitive topic.

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The report explained that droplets expelled, while coughing, sneezing, or just talking, can spread coronavirus. These particles can land around a person and spread other individuals near the droplets. The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that the virus can also be spread by a secondary means of transmission.

According to WHO, coronavirus is also an airborne disease, which can spread through aerosols. The organization acknowledged an open letter from 239 scientists, stating that coronavirus can spread inside a room that has poorly ventilated settings.

“We acknowledge that there is emerging evidence in this field, as in all other fields regarding the Covid-19 virus and pandemic,” said Dr. Benedetta Alleganzi, WHO Technical Lead for Infection Prevention and Control.

“Therefore we believe that we have to be open to this evidence and understand its implications regarding the modes of transmission and also regarding the precautions that need to be taken,” added Dr. Benedetta.

A study conducted by the researchers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Norway, tried to identify which work-related and personal factors can possibly lead to the transmission of the novel coronavirus. The data from 2,000 people in America and England, who were surveyed, support the spread of the virus through aerosols.

Based on the results, the scientists found out that taller people are at higher risk of contracting the virus. It was explained that the presence of viral load in aerosols increased the transmission risk of COVID-19. The droplets can travel a limited distance before it finally falls due to gravity. However, the researchers explained that aerosols could persist for a longer time in the air and infect more people.

“The results of this survey in terms of associations between height and diagnosis suggest downward droplet transmission is not the only transmission mechanism and aerosol transmission is possible,” said University of Manchester Professor Evan Kontopantelis.

“This has been suggested by other studies, but our method of confirmation is novel,” added Evan. For more COVID-19 updates, check out the latest news at TechTimes.

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