COVID-19 Safety Hacks: Here Are Alternatives When You Run Out of Hand Soap; Important Information to Know


Coronavirus caused a lot a problem across the globe, forcing people to be more hygienic than before. However, many individuals may run into trouble since the stock of hand soap can run out because of its high demand during the ongoing pandemic.
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According to Lifehacker’s report, an individual may be running dangerously low on hand soap in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic since refills are hard to come by because of ongoing pandemic buying and supply chain issues. In addition, people cannot also venture out easily to buy more in stores until they run out of supply, preventing them from washing their hands regularly, which is currently one of the essential safety measures.

However, experts suggested that hand soap can be replaced by other types of soap such as bar soap, body wash, and dish soap, which can normally be found around your house. According to The Strategist’s previous report, medical experts suggested that different types of soap can make fine substitutes for hand soap, but some are better alternatives than others.

Here are the four alternatives you can use when you run out of hand soap;

Body Wash

This type of soap is generally the most similar to hand soap, according to experts, since it is meant for the skin.

Bar Soap

This type of soap lasts a long time, but people must make sure it is properly stored in a dry place when not in use. It is also cheap.

Dish soap

Since this type of soap may be more irritating to your skin if used all day or every day, it should be your last option if other choices are provided. It can still be used in a pinch, experts suggest.


This one may still work just fine for washing away germs, but, it will leave a weird residue on your skin.

The CDC’s guidelines stated that it doesn’t matter much if the soap used is marketed as antibacterial, saying that using soap containing antibacterial ingredients doesn’t have added health benefits for consumers compared to using plain soap. The CDC still recommends using soap and water when possible, even when hand sanitizer is available.

Lifehacker stated that hand soap alternatives must be used when you’re running out of option, but, the important thing is to continue washing your hands regularly and following the best practices; wash at least 20 seconds using soap with clean, warm, running water. You can also add lotion after you wash your hands; it won’t affect your practice.

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