COVID-19 Safety Hacks: Tips to Safely Take Your Kids to Playground; Know the Risk Spectrum


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed a lot of people to lock themselves in their own houses just to avoid getting infected by the viral disease. Almost everyone has been affected even kids, preventing them from going out and do physical activities, affecting their health.

According to Lifehacker’s previous report, going out to the playground, even with safety measures, doesn’t guarantee that you and your child wouldn’t be exposed to at least some risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. 

However, there are parents out there that are desperate to get their children go out of the house and burn off some of their energy. Here are some tips that will help you when you do decide to take your kids out and do some physical activities.

Lifehacker said that it would be helpful if you will look at risk as a “spectrum.” Compared to going out on a physically distanced walk outdoors with a friend or family members, going out to a crowded indoor bar or restaurant just to socialize and drink presents greater risks. This means that being indoors is riskier than going outdoors. 

Those people who are living within an area with a high number of coronavirus cases are more at risk. Individuals living with people who are at high risk face different considerations than those who don’t. 

Health officials have provided basic ways on how to protect ourselves from the novel coronavirus. These include sanitizing or washing our hands, and wearing a mask when in public.

Always remember that you and your child should wash or sanitize hands as soon as possible after you’re done playing outside. As much as possible, avoid eating snacks or other food while in public.

If it’s necessary, be sure to sanitize or wash your hands before grabbing a bite. Always prepare extra clothes for them in case of potential exposure. 

Dr. Amina Ahmed explained that during the pandemic, parents must always hover and look after their kids while they’re outside to make sure their children are not playing with other kids too much. 

“You can have your child go down the slide but you’re going to have to be right there to make sure they’re not touching the slide after another child and then touching their nose and their eyes,” said Dr. Ahmed. 

“And if you decide that you’re going to wear the mask, which I would encourage, then try to make sure they keep that mask on and that they’re not running toward another child to hug them,” she added. 

Following your kids gives you vision if they’re touching their face or interacting too close with other kids. 

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