COVID-19 Update: Greatest Coronavirus Risks Can Be Found in These Places; Clinical Trials Speed Up Spread of Other Diseases


The coronavirus can spread in any place as long as there is someone infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. According to Fox News’ cases of COVID-19 are still rising in America as states have begun to roll back lockdowns. Experts claim that lifting of stay-at-home orders and other restrictions in place during the spring may be of the reason for the surges. 

MLive via Fox News provided the list of nine places that have the highest risk of contracting the coronavirus. They ranked the places on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 having the highest risk. According to New York Post, scientists stated that people should consider five risks before going out to avoid the deadly disease. This includes the likelihood others will practice safe measures, their proximity to people, personal health risks, and exposure time. 

“Until we have a vaccine, we are going to have to move forward with risk-reduction strategies,” said Matthew Sims , he director of infectious disease research at Beaumont Health. “Because you can’t keep the economy on hold forever, you can’t keep peoples’ lives on hold forever.”

Here is the list of the places: 

On the other hand, according to experts, clinical trials to treat the coronavirus can speed up the spread of other diseases since many mass immunization efforts worldwide were stopped. And the consequences could be alarming. 

According to The New York Times, explosions of illness and death from other diseases, ones that are readily prevented by vaccines, are unintentionally increased as poor countries around the world struggle to beat back the coronavirus. After the warning of UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) that the pandemic could spread swiftly when children gathered for shots since many countries, many suspended their inoculation programs.

Cargo flights with vaccine supplies were also halted by the pandemic, even in countries that tried to keep them going. The efforts of health workers to fight the novel coronavirus were also diverted. Other diseases such as diphtheria started to appear in Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. While in Yemen, South Sudan, Mozambique, and also in Bangladesh, cholera has started to appear as well. 

Measles also started to flare across the globe, including in Brazil, Central African Republic, Cambodia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, and Nepal. Campaigns for measle vaccinations are currently suspended in 29 countries because of the pandemic, while 18 countries have reported outbreaks. 178 million people are at risk of missing measles shots by 2020, according to the Measles and Rubella Initiative.


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