COVID-19 UPDATE: Man Lied About Coronavirus and Infected Friend At A Party


After attending a party, a man infected by a coronavirus posted his regret on Facebook the day before he died. According to NBC News’ latest report, Thomas Macias, posted a message on Facebook on June 20, in which he lamented ignoring social distancing guidance.  

“Some of you may know, but most don’t, I … went out a couple of weeks ago” and contracted the coronavirus,” the 51-year-old man wrote on Facebook, as reported by NBC News. 

Macias expressed his guilt for having possibly exposed his family to the coronavirus infection; the man worked as a truck driver. 

“Because of my stupidity I put my mom and sisters and my family’s health in jeopardy, this has been a very painful experience. Hopefully, with God’s help, he added, I’ll be able to survive this,” he said. NBC News reported that the man died the next day. 

NBC was told on Wednesday, July 1, by the Riverside County Office of Vital Records that Macias dies from COVID-19. According to the report, Macias was going out only when needed from late March until early June, told Gustavo Lopez, his brother-in-law, via phone interview on July 1. Gustavo said that Macias was also quarantining because he had diabetes and was overweight. 

According to 7News’ latest report, Lopez said that Macias attended a party in Elsinore, southeast of Los Angeles. Governor Gavin Newsom said that he would loosen social distancing restrictions in early June. 

The report confirmed that a friend of Macias, who also attended the party, contacted Lopez, saying that he had tested positive for COVID-19 disease.

According to NBC News, Macias’s friend already knew that he was infected by the virus before attending the party, but still went to the gathering, saying that he did not believe that he can infect other people since he was not showing any symptoms. He also advised everyone who attended the party to get tested. 

However, Lopez said that Macias didn’t blame his friend, taking accountability for his actions, which were evident on his Facebook post. According to Lopez, Macias was among more than a dozen people who contracted the coronavirus, and he is still unsure how many individuals went to the party. 

The report said that before Macias was tested, he went to his sister Veronica, who is married to Lopez, at the couple’s house on June 11. Lopez said that he remembered being concerned for his brother-in-law after the visit. 

“He did not look right,” Lopez said, he was really sweaty,” said Lopez. 

Macias was tested for COVID-19 after he started feeling sick, but believed that it was related to his diabetes; he receives a positive result on June 18. Two days after the diagnosis, he posted his message on Facebook, telling people to take coronavirus seriously. 

“This is no joke. If you have to go out, wear a mask and practice social distancing,” he wrote.  

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