Deadly flu comparison: new wave of deaths rolling in! Experts warn against Corona loosening


The Australian government is willing to treat the coronavirus like a wave of influenza and accordingly finally relax the corona measures. But according to experts, this is the wrong way to go. A new wave of deaths is threatening.

Epidemiologists worldwide are on the alert! The announcement of some countries to gradually relax the corona measures puts the health experts in panic. Downgrading the coronavirus to a “seasonal flu” or equating it with that, they see as a big mistake. This decision could lead to a new wave of deaths. About it reports up-to-date the British “The Sun”.

New death wave threatens! Experts warn against Corona loosening

Thus, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had announced that one would treat the corona virus like a flu, as soon as the vaccination rates in the country are more than 80 percent. “If it’s like the flu, we should treat it like the flu, and that means no lockdowns,” Morrison said. According to the report, there would be no four-step plan for getting out of the lockdown. Australians can apparently expect the borders to be reopened as early as 2022.

Australia is currently one of the countries with the strictest quarantine regulations. Anyone entering the country must self-isolate in a hotel for two weeks, and Australians are currently prohibited from leaving the country without permission.

Deadly flu comparison! Coronavirus more comparable to measles outbreak
Many health experts believe the comparison to a flu outbreak is false. According to disease expert Suman Majumdar, should one absolutely want to draw a comparison, one would have to compare the coronavirus more to measles. “Rather than flu, I would say measles might be more similar because measles is catastrophic when it is rampant in an unvaccinated population,” Majumdar is quoted as saying by The Sun.

U.K. plans to ease Corona measures
Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also currently planning to relax the measures, despite the fact that Corona numbers are on the rise again due to the Delta variant. He stated to the British population that one simply has to live with the virus as a simple fact. As of July 19, it is expected that there will no longer be a requirement to wear a face mask in the UK.

Fear of lambda variant: is this new Covid 19 mutation resistant to vaccination?

Health experts are also watching the spread of the lambda variant with great concern. The Corona variant, which has so far occurred mainly in Latin America, is currently under special observation by the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to its mutations, the virus version could possibly be more contagious or more poorly fought by the human immune system, the UN authority in Geneva recently reported. Reliable studies and confirmed findings on this were not yet available.Researchers currently assume that the lambda mutation of the coronavirus could surpass the previously known variants delta (first identified in India), alpha (previously known as the British variant) and gamma (previously known as the Brazilian variant) in terms of infectivity.



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