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But, on June 22 this year, 73-year-old Concetta feared that she’d never see her family again after she was taken by ambulance to Barnet Hospital in north London suffering from a high temperature, delirium and breathing difficulties.

Domenico and Concetta Scolaro have barely spent a night apart since they were married in 1963 after meeting at a dance at an Italian club in London.

Domenico and Concetta Scolaro have barely spent a night apart since they were married in 1963 and now the couple have both fought, and overcome, Covid-19 together

They battled coronavirus side-by-side in hospital

Domenico and Concetta Scolaro on their wedding day

The couple on their 50th wedding anniversary

A couple married for 57 years both beat coronavirus after hospital intensive care staff moved their beds together so they could fight the virus side-by-side.

Hearing their pleas to be close to one another, intensive care unit staff took the decision to place the couple in beds side by side so they could support one another.

Nine days later, on July 1, 79-year-old Domenico also contracted the virus and was taken by ambulance to the same hospital.

Sabrina said when she was unable to reduce her mother’s temperature with paracetamol, she feared the worst.

“Staff went above and beyond to make this happen as they knew just how much strength they would both gain from being able to fight this battle together.”

Their daughter Sabrina Scolaro said: “Because ICU wasn’t as busy as it had been the staff listened to my father’s impassioned request that he should be reunited with his wife.

She said: “My mother was ashen-faced and had become delirious.

“It sounds ridiculous, but because my mother had had chest infections in the past and they had been so careful I still didn’t think it was coronavirus. We were now well into June and I just thought ‘it can’t be the virus’.”

“I could see how upset my father was and I kissed her goodbye.

“Her temperature was 39.5. I spoke to NHS 111 and they were so helpful, the ambulance was with us in 20 minutes and the paramedics were so kind and understanding.

After ordering tests for her and her father, Domenico tested positive.

It was quickly confirmed Concetta had coronavirus, and was placed on a breathing machine.

‘he’s coming with us’.

“That was it, suddenly both my parents were in hospital with the virus and I was left to lock their front door behind me and drive back to my own home in tears.”

Sabrina said: “The paramedics came, took dad’s oxygen levels and said,

They battled coronavirus side-by-side in hospital (Image: SWNS.com)


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