Elon Musk Goes to Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin to Check COVID-19 Vaccine Production Plant


Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, confirms on Twitter that he will be visiting Germany not as a tourist or for leisure, but in monitoring the company’s efforts in the battle against COVID-19 with their RNA or ribonucleic acid printers that will help in producing a vaccine against the global pandemic. Tesla works with CureVac in using an RNA Printer that will contribute to the Novel coronavirus vaccine production.

Elon Musk, confirms that he will be traveling to the country of Germany this week, particularly to the company’s biggest production plant, Gigafactory Berlin, to check on its sideline with CureVac. Musk confirmed his affiliation and efforts against the COVID-19 on a tweet posted on July 2.

Musk’s trip to Germany will primarily focus on the vaccine and will only sideline with Tesla’s progress on its innovations. Health concerns primarily drive the CEO’s priorities. In a series of tweets Musk has replied to, he states his growing concern for ‘false positive’ COVID-19 cases that involved and tried Tesla employees.

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One particular Tesla employee tested positive and caught the coronavirus at home and not from work, as Musk clarified. This case made Musk take actions for his employee’s sake, who fell seriously ill with the virus. The Tesla CEO assured that his employee is well-taken care of in the hospital and checked on with the patient’s wife. Musk further clarified that there were no deaths in the ‘false positive’ results of the COVID-19 tests.

He attributed this growing concern to the FDA’s fast approval of certain testing methods but did not blame the federal agency.

Pranay Pathole (@PPathole) then took the conversation to another direction by asking the RNA factories’ progress with CureVac, quoting the CEO’s July tweet.

To which Musk answered to confirm and announce his departure for Germany within this week to check on the Gigafactory Berlin. Presumably, the so-called ‘RNA Factory’ is located within Tesla’s European plant, focusing itself on its efforts in vaccine production alongside its motor vehicle works.

According to Musk, Harvard’s epidemiology considers RNA factories to have more speed and potential to procure a vaccine apart from current methods. CureVac and Tesla’s partnership already resulted in a ‘joint patent’ RNA bioreactor that will revolutionize the field of medicine, according to Electrek.

Tesla and CureVac’s partnership is considered an advancing feat in medicine as a different kind of cure will enter the market once it produces its promises. The RNA, also known as ribonucleic acid, is a macromolecule closely related to human DNA.

Sometimes, RNAs carry virus genetic codes that greatly differs from the DNA. CureVac has found a way to stabilize this molecule and turn it into a virus-fighting substance that is key to warding off COVID-19. Tesla will fix the slight hiccup of CureVac, which is mass production and availability of highly technological equipment that will fast track and help with the extensive labor process of RNA production.

Elon Musk’s travel to Germany may potentially announce a breakthrough in the field of the COVID-19 vaccine. Tesla and CureVac’s collaboration efforts may come into fruition in the form of highly innovative RNAs that will fight off the Novel coronavirus and impede its growing dangers.

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Musk’s Germany Announcement


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