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Christine was admitted to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth on April 5 after showing symptoms.

Emma Wilton was left “shattered” after doctors revealed mum, Christine Colmer, 66, may need to permanently use the machine to keep her alive.

Daughter, Emma Wilton has been left devastated after doctors said her mum may have to be placed on a ventilator for life. Christine Colmer has been battling coronavirus for over two months

Christine’s children are doing all they can to change the outcome

Christine Colmer may need a ventilator for life

The mum-of-three was admitted to hospital on April 5 with coronavirus symptoms

More than two months later, the mum-of-three is still fighting for her life in critical condition, she even had an emergency tracheostomy operation.

A mum who fought a long battle with the deadly coronavirus may have to be placed on a ventilator for life due to the damage the deadly bug caused.

Within two days, her condition deteriorated and doctors were forced to place her in an induced coma.

“The next time I spoke to her was five weeks later. The longest five weeks of my life.”

She said: “She was at my house and it was me who called the ambulance for her and it was my cousin, who is a paramedic, who was first here.

Daughter, Ms Wilton told the BBC she believed her mother’s survival was a miracle.

Before contracting Covid-19, Emma said her mum was “fit and healthy.”

Christine Colmer is a popular landlady at a pub in South Devon, daughter Emma has set up a fundraising page for Ms Colmer, money will be used to buy a mobile ventilator and refit her home, reports The Sun Online.

She added: “The doctors just don’t know what the outcome will look like at the moment but there is a possibility that mum will remain on a ventilator.”

The page reads: “Christine’s children Michelle, Paul and Emma will not give up hope. They are doing everything they can to change this outcome.

The family is “super-overwhelmed” after well-wishers raised £26,000 for her care, her daughter said today.

“Anyone who knows Christine knows what a caring and kind-hearted person she is.

More than 800 supporters have donated the cash in just five days to make the life of 66-year-old Christine Colmer as normal as possible.

Christine’s children are doing all they can to change the outcome (Image: Facebook)


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