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The Premier League will return in under a week on June 17, with the Championship set to follow suit on June 20.

The world governing body announced the measures in response to the delays to leagues across the globe caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

With the Premier League’s return date just days away, FIFA announced the measures in response to the delays to leagues across the globe caused by the coronavirus pandemic

FIFA have given the go ahead for transfer windows to open before the current campaign is concluded

Players can now play for three different Premier League clubs within the same season

However, FIFA announced two important regulations changes on Thursday afternoon.

The Premier League and Championship will be allowed to open transfer windows before the current campaign is concluded, under new regulations issued by FIFA today.

With England’s top two domestic leagues not set to finish their seasons until late July or early August, the start and end dates of the transfer window are uncertain.

A statement from FIFA said: “The new temporary regulatory amendments approved by the Bureau of the Council are as follows:

The second will allow any club that operates their season in a dual year, which includes all of England’s leagues, to open the transfer window before the end of the current season.

The first of which will allow players to now play for three different clubs within the same season.

“In order to avoid any concerns regarding unemployed players, players are permitted to be registered with a maximum of three clubs and are eligible to play in official matches for three clubs during the same season.

Meanwhile, upcoming Premier League games which are going to be broadcasted by Sky Sports will add in a pre-recorded soundtrack taken from EA Sports’ FIFA franchise in order to create a synthetic ambience of crowd cheers and chants in a full stadium.

“In order to give priority to clubs to complete their (2019/20) season with their original squad, provide flexibility, and allow MAs to properly plan their football calendar, those associations following a dual-year calendar are permitted to commence the ‘first registration period’ for the 2020/21 season prior to the completion of the 2019/20 season, subject to certain conditions.”

“We want Sky Sports viewers to still feel it all and have the best possible viewing experience – even if they can’t be in the stadiums or watch with their family and friends,” says Sky Sports managing director Robert Webster.

EA already has a library of these specific soundtracks saved due to recording stadium atmospheres in order to improve the FIFA gaming experience.

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