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Ashlee had planned to give birth in hospital, but had to re-think at short notice after Richard was told he must shield for 12 weeks.

First-time mum Ashlee Graham, 26, welcomed her daughter Agnes into the world at home – a week after her partner Richard received notice he was on the Covid-19 high-risk list.

Ashlee Graham, 26, from Leeds, had nothing but paracetamol to ease the pain as she gave birth in a birthing pool because her partner Richard was on the coronavirus high-risk list

A Brit first-time mum was forced to give birth alone at home as her boyfriend was forced to self-isolate

Ashlee Graham, 26, from Leeds, had nothing but her birthing pool and some paracetamol to ease the pain

They hired a birthing pool so Richard could be present and could spend precious moments with Agnes after she was born.

A brave new mum who could not get to the hospital because her partner had been told to self-isolate gave birth on her living room floor – with only paracetamol for pain relief.

Ashlee only had paracetamol on hand to ease her pain because by the time the home midwife arrived it was too late for any additional relief.

He was told he must self-isolate for the next three months so the couple instead opted for a home birth.

“It also meant that we could have our home comforts – so as soon as I was ready, we shouted for Alexa to start the ‘push-it’ playlist.”

“We hired a birthing pool and the homebirth midwife was there to talk me through what I needed to do.

Ashlee said: “I hadn’t originally planned to have a home birth, but it ended up being the best option for us.

Now 10 weeks old, Agnes has not officially met any relatives as dad Richard is still under strict house-arrest and the couple have not been able to leave their house.

Ashlee added: “I haven’t left the house in months.

They get all their shopping delivered and have kept in touch with friends and family over video calls and internet chats.

“I do feel a bit robbed of not being able to see my grandparents or to even spend time with other new mums, pushing the pram around the local park.

“I sit in the living room every day and stare at the spot where I gave birth – and I still don’t know when anyone will get to officially meet Agnes.

“We’ve been keeping in touch with friends and family through the usual methods – FaceTime, sharing pictures, but it’s not the same.”

Ashlee Graham with daughter Agnes

Ashlee Graham


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