Flu cases are expected to skyrocket as a result of the upcoming’super cold snap.’


Flu cases are expected to skyrocket as a result of the upcoming’super cold snap.’

CASES OF THE FLU ARE EXPECTED TO EXPLODE as a result of the’super cold snap’ that is currently sweeping the United Kingdom, experts have warned.

Shots of Arctic air are expected to hit our shores this week, bringing “much colder and wetter weather,” according to the Met Office.

Today, a flu expert urged people to get their flu shots, claiming that uptake had been low in some groups.

While some people have already received their vaccine, Dr. Conall Watson, a consultant epidemiologist at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said the UK needed to go ‘one step further this winter.’

“Temperatures are dropping, and winter is approaching,” he said.

Flu is more common at this time of year, so if you are eligible for an NHS flu vaccine and haven’t had it yet, make an appointment as soon as possible.

“We’ve reached the World Health Organization’s target for flu vaccine uptake among those 65 and older, but we still need to do more to ensure that more people are protected this winter,” says the WHO.

He urged people from Black Caribbean and Black African backgrounds to come forward for their vaccinations, claiming that uptake was lower in these groups than in others.

“Flu can have serious consequences for people with diabetes and stroke, which are more common in black ethnic groups,” he said.

His remarks follow the release of the latest flu surveillance report, which revealed that hospital admissions and GP consultations for the flu have remained low.

In most age groups, participation is higher than in previous years, but it is slightly lower in children aged two to three years old and in school-aged children than last year.

The flu becomes more severe during the winter months, and the cold weather can aggravate the symptoms of the common illness.

This winter, just like with Covid, it’s critical to maintain good hygiene habits.

Keeping up with these habits, according to Dr. Watson, is the best way to protect yourself and others from common seasonal illnesses.

“This means regularly washing your hands, using a tissue to catch coughs or sneezes and washing your hands afterwards, and staying away from others if you’re sick,” he explained.

With the threat of Covid and flu, experts have previously predicted a “very difficult winter.”

Patients who contract both illnesses at the same time are twice as likely to die than patients who contract coronavirus alone, according to Dr Jenny Harries, CEO of the UK Health Security Agency.

Health officials also warned that 60,000 people could die from the flu this winter as a result of lockdowns and social isolation.

According to Marc Donovan, Chief Pharmacist at Boots UK, flu cases are at their peak in the UK between the months of…

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Cases of the flu could explode in the next week as a spate of cold weather hits the UK

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