‘Freak show’ buskers to disappear after new government ban on social gatherings – Latest News


The zany acts include Union Jack-mad Spikey Will, who sandwiches himself between two nail boards.

Gory routines that attract hundreds of audience members will be axed when the rules come in force in England next Monday, according to The Busking Project co-founder Nick Broad.

Freak show performers who attract 100s of tourists in city centres are to be killed off when the government’s new ban on gatherings comes into force on Monday, an industry boss says

Buskers could be about to disappear from our streets

Spikey Will with Union Jack nipple-tassles

Man pushes corn kernels out of his eyes

Nick Broad says the shows over

Crowds gather at Covent Garden

“Freak show” street performers will disappear under the new ban on social gatherings of more than six people, an industry boss says.

Nick, 36, said: “Circus shows are done, there’s no chance and it’s the same for freak shows, absolutely.

He finds the biggest tourist to stand on him in central London’s Covent Garden and often ends up bloody.

“Nobody is going to do a 45 minute show if there’s just six people.

“They are skilful and talented in what they are doing and nobody in government has demonstrated that they are.

“Freak shows are shaking their heads at what they seeing in this government.”

“Spikey Will, he lays on his back on a bed of nails and then puts another bed of nails on his chest and gets the largest tourist to stand on it. There’s blood.

The Busking Project website has around 2,500 performers ready to hire with “Freak Shows” available for £200.

Nick, of Balham, south London, said the new rules will kill off street performers who had already been struggling during lockdown.

“The circus shows I think have been hardest hit, the people who go down to Covent Garden and do these large shows.

He said: “Any kind of event has gone from about five a day to three a month.

“And nobody is going to hire an event where you have fewer than seven people in it.”

“If they don’t have 100s of people watching they are basically not going to make enough money to live off.

Buskers could be about to disappear from our streets (Image: The Busking Project)


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