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And while adamant cash for the national side’s junior teams will be ring-fenced, Southgate said: “If there was one area I am worried about with how coronavirus might affect development, it’s will there be a couple of 17 or 18-year-olds who have missed their moment?

With the season being paused in March and only just beginning to start up again, some youngsters will have missed their chance to grab a spot in Premier League first teams.

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“And you just don’t know what that period of weeks and weeks and weeks without training will do to them.

England boss Gareth Southgate is worried coronavirus could mean England missing out on a new Harry Kane or Marcus Rashford.

“For example, with Kane or Rashford not being available for the final part of the season, would Spurs or Man United have played some younger ones?

“That’s my concern. Will one or two people just miss the opportunity that would have come their way in this period?”

“You’ll have kids who’ve missed four or five months of playing. That’s like having a very serious injury.

“The first teams are all back but the academies are not – and it’s not clear when they’ll start again.

Southgate says the idea he continued to receive his wages in full while there were no international fixtures and other FA employees were being furloughed was out of the question.

The England boss, who earns £3million a year, agreed to a 30 per cent salary reduction in April after the FA estimated they could lose up to £150million following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Southgate insists taking a hefty pay cut because of coronavirus was a ‘no-brainier’.

“Firstly, I can’t fulfill the whole part of my job at the moment – that’s clear.

The Three Lions chief said: “For me, it’s straightforward leadership – and something I felt strongly about.

“Though I have taken up other responsibilities in the period, it just didn’t feel right not to be contributing to the bigger picture.

“It was a no-brainer as far as I was concerned.”

“Second, I’d be the highest earner in an organisation in financial difficulty, where there’s a necessity to furlough people and make budget cuts.

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