Germany will get 2nd wave of Covid-19 and needs ‘drastic measures’ to cope, warns expert – Latest News


The current number of coronavirus cases in Germany stands 208,811 with 9,212 deaths, placing Germany lower than Britain, Spain, Italy and France.

Despite the number of deaths dropping until recently, Dr Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit says the situation could get out of control very quickly.

The state will not be able to avoid a second wave of coronavirus, according to a virologist. Dr Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit also believes Germany needs to take “drastic measures” to cope with the new wave

Germany has zero chance of avoiding a second wave of coronavirus

Germany coronavirus cases stand at 208,811 with 9,212 deaths

This week a high-ranking German politician and ally of Angela Merkel said a second wave of coronavirus infections is already ripping through the country.

Germany will not be able to avoid a second wave of the deadly coronavirus and will need to implement “drastic measures” to cope, warns top virologist.

However, experts are fearing a second wave as 4,127 new cases were recorded last week, up from 2,385 two weeks ago, reports The Sun.

“If we really get a second wave — I define that as our health system being overwhelmed — then we won’t be able to get around very dramatic, very drastic measures.”

He said: “Now travellers are being added to the mix as well — there are many clusters which politicians but also scientists will have to to react to.

Speaking to ARD, Dr Schmidt-Chanasit a virologist at the University of Hamburg said it could “very quickly get out of control.”

At the same time Germany’s R rate, which measures the infection rate, also shot to 1.08 on Saturday, up from 0.93 on Thursday.

“It is already taking place every day. We have new clusters of infections every day which could become very high numbers.”

Kretschmer, of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, told the Rheinische Post newspaper: “The second wave of coronavirus is already here.

Meanwhile a spokeswoman from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), told the German Press Agency the institute was growing increasingly concerned about the changes to the R rate.

“A further exacerbation of the situation must be avoided.”

She said: “This development is very worrying and will continue to be monitored very closely by the RKI.


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