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A study of 2,000 people showed 56% are re-evaluating everything about their lives.

Half of adults have vowed to change the way they live for the better – by developing closer bonds with neighbours, supporting small businesses and giving to those less fortunate.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many reevaluating their lives. Some have vowed to be nicer and more charitable as a result of the crisis

Are you being kinder to others because of the coronavirus pandemic?

Some have been giving more money to charity during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s priorities

More than a quarter of adults have volunteered for a particular charity during the pandemic, with one in 10 doing so for the first time.

The impacts of coronavirus haven’t all been negative.

Other ways adults have made positive changes include improving their work-life balance, exercising more and taking better care of their health in general.

A sizeable 47% say they’ve learned to appreciate the smaller things in life, while 52% have new found respect for the work done in their local communities.

Figures show legacy giving is now worth more than £3 billion to the charity sector, helping to fund a third of Cancer Research UK research work and six in 10 RNLI lifeboats.

The research was commissioned by ‘Remember A Charity’ to mark Remember A Charity week from 7th-13th September – an annual awareness week that encourages people to leave a gift to charity in their will once friends and family are taken care of.

“To look after our communities and future generations, it’s important to help safeguard our charities and the incredible work that they do.”

“Our communities and charities across the UK have provided us with plenty of support throughout this challenging period; and likewise, are struggling themselves.

Rob Cope, director of Remember A Charity, said: “Our research clearly shows that recent events have made many of us re-assess our lives, priorities and values and what we consider as important.

“It’s a fantastic way to create your own personal legacy and pass on something wonderful. Even a small amount can make a huge difference.”

He added: “One way is by leaving a gift to charity in your will once family and friends have been taken care of.

The survey also showed four in 10 adults have a growing appreciation for their local area, while nearly half now recognise the importance of natural and rural places around them.

Four in 10 believe the pandemic has shown them how fortunate they are, which makes them want to give back to those who aren’t in the some position.

And more than a third are supporting small businesses by spending locally.

A further three in 10 have looked into ways they can support those in need, with more than a fifth connecting to a new charitable cause during their time at home.

This is likely to be why two-thirds have continued to make donations to good causes close to their heart, according to the OnePoll research.

Are you being kinder to others because of the coronavirus pandemic? (Image: Getty Images)


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