Hated covid passes ‘SCRAPPED within two weeks as Omicron surge eases and cases plunge,’ according to Boris Johnson.


Hated covid passes ‘SCRAPPED within two weeks as Omicron surge eases and cases plunge,’ according to Boris Johnson.

According to reports, Britain’s despised covid pass system will be phased out in the next two weeks.

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, is said to have expressed his “instinctive discomfort” with the certificates, which require proof of covid vaccination or a negative test to enter large events and nightclubs in England.

According to The New York Times, with confirmed covid cases continuing to fall yesterday and hospital admissions flatlining, the threshold for continuing the complicated and contentious system is unlikely to be met.

Given Omicron’s apparent ability to bypass two doses, scientific advisers have questioned how effective the requirement for double vaccination is.

After concluding that widespread use of lateral flow testing has significantly slowed cases in the UK, they are still in favor of using negative covid tests.

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According to reports, Health Secretary Sajid Javid “effectively killed off” the vaccine passes this month.

The Health Secretary told MPs that he shared their “gut reaction” to the vaccine passport policy.

The Times reports that when Plan B measures are reviewed on January 26, it’s looking like the only Covid rule that will be kept is mask wearing indoors.

This means that vaccine Covid passports will be phased out completely.

According to the Associated Press, FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock warned Congress that Omicron will infect “the vast majority of people.”

“I think it’s difficult to process what’s actually going on right now, which is: most people are going to get COVID, all right?” she said.

“What we need to do is make sure the hospitals can continue to operate — that transportation and other critical services are not disrupted while this is going on.”

When combined with the vaccine, marijuana compounds could help fight, prevent, and treat Covid-19, according to a study.

Smoking marijuana, according to researchers at Oregon State University and Oregon Health and Sciences University, provides no protection against Covid-19.

According to KTVZ, their findings revealed that cannabigerolic acid (CGBA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) could be used to “prevent infection.”

The compounds do not make up the active ingredient in cannabis, such as THC, which causes the high, according to lead researcher Richard van Breemen.

“They’re not controlled substances like THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana,” he explained, “and they have a good safety profile in humans.”

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People with Covid in England will be able to leave isolation after five full days under new rules that go into effect on Monday (January 17).

This is assuming they pass the lateral flow tests on day five and…

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