Holiday quarantine ‘to be slashed to 8 days’ over warnings two weeks is ‘strangling’ UK – Latest News


But government sources have stressed that no decision has yet been taken.

Officials are reportedly looking into the possibility of testing people for coronavirus eight days after they arrive in the UK.

It comes as businesses and MPs warned Boris Johnson of the huge damage they claim is being done to the travel sector and the economy by the fortnight-long isolation period

The two-week quarantine period for UK arrivals could be slashed to just 8 days

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to announce measures to ease travel restrictions

Heathrow Airport has introduced a speedier testing process

The travel sector has been one of the worst-hit by the coronavirus lockdown

Mr Johnson is said to have told Conservative MPs of his hopes for an “infectiousness test” earlier this week, which would reveal patients who had tested positive for the virus but not pass it on to others.

Quarantine rules for passengers arriving in the UK could be slashed to just eight days after warnings the two-week rule is “strangling” the economy.

Businesses and MPs warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the huge damage they say is being done to the travel sector by the fortnight-long quarantine.

But he insisted testing it was “no silver bullet”, adding that the move would help “ease up” on quarantine but wouldn’t eliminate the need for it completely.

On Sunday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show a testing policy for incoming travellers was “under review”.

Officials told the Mail on Sunday the quarantine period is likely to be slashed.

Last week, Johnson is reported to have told Tory MPs about his planned “infectiousness test”, with one attendee at the meeting saying: “We were led to believe fast testing is coming down the line.”

It comes as a cross-party group of MPs and famous political figures urged the PM yesterday to rethink the government’s quarantine policy.

Faster and more efficient testing could help the government ditch restrictions such as blanket quarantine measures and look at ways of reopening other industries.

While Conservative former Brexit secretary David Davis said the quarantine measures “risked self-strangulation of our economy”.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was one of the signatories in the letter in the Mail on Sunday, wrote: “The insistence on the current quarantine measures is doing huge harm to the British economy – quite unnecessarily so.”

Labour’s former Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis also urged Downing Street to look into better testing options at airports to combat “massive, blanket disruption”.

Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport


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