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But now even they are under threat thanks to the rise of coronavirus cases.

Holiday plans were cancelled, and staycations became the way forward.

Jetting off on holiday without a care in the world seems like a distant memory – and from Monday September 14 a new coronavirus restriction could ruin your plans

UK holidays could be ruined following the rule change

Groups of more than six people will be banned

The new rule coming into effect on September 14

Those who break the rules face a £100 fine, which doubles with each offence

Boris Johnson addressed the nation on September 9

The Government’s new “rule of six” means we can’t gather in large groups inside or outside.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, summer 2020 wasn’t exactly how anyone planned.

Of course, if you’re only travelling with people from your own household, there is no need to worry.

This could mean groups of families and friends who have booked a holiday together this Autumn could be forced to cancel their trip.

From Monday, September 14, groups of more than six people will be banned in England.

But if you were hoping to travel with people outside your household, meaning you would be more than six people, your plans could be scuppered, Manchester Evening News reports.

Those who break the rules face a £100 fine, which doubles for every offence, up to £3,200.

But from Monday this will be against the guidelines and the law.

Previously, families and friends from two families of four would have been able to go on vacation together.

Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Witty has said the new rules are unlikely to be lifted in the coming weeks.

So it looks like some staycation plans will be ruined.

From September 14, it will be against the law for more than six people to meet indoors or outdoors in England.

The rule does also not apply to Covid-secure weddings and funerals, education, work and organised team sports.

However, this rule does not apply to households or social bubbles of more than six people.


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