Infosurhoy’s Deborah James shares a courageous photo of herself recovering in a hospital bed after a “traumatic” medical emergency.


Infosurhoy’s Deborah James shares a brave photo of herself recovering in a hospital bed following a “traumatic” medical emergency.

DEBORAH James bravely shared a photo of herself recovering in a hospital bed after nearly dying.

The 40-year-old Sun columnist said she was on the verge of death after a “traumatic” medical emergency that landed her in intensive care.

“Apologies for being quiet,” the mother-of-two, who has been battling stage 4 bowel cancer since 2016, wrote on Instagram.

“A week ago at this time in the evening, I was on the verge of death due to a medical emergency.”

“I’m not ready to talk about what happened yet because the trauma has been too much to bear – but it’s all thanks to an incredible team of NHS specialists who worked all night and the next day to save me.”

I am indebted to you in the greatest way possible.

“I’m still in danger, and I still have a lot of procedures to go through.”

However, I have been released from intensive care.

And for the first time, I felt able to give you a quick update.”

She shared a photo of herself smiling and giving a thumbs up in the hospital with her 267,000 followers after her third operation of the week.

Deborah, who has defied all odds to beat cancer, said she has another one scheduled for tomorrow.

“In five years of having stage 4 cancer, this has been the hardest, most heartbreaking, and frightening of them all,” she added.

“I’d always planned on dying, but I hadn’t anticipated something so unexpected and traumatic.”

I can’t believe I’m writing this.

“My entire family was praying for me to make it through the night a week ago.”

I’m getting a lot of help and support dealing with the trauma I’ve experienced.

“My family has been wonderful.

I’m not sure how my husband kept his composure as he watched me collapse while an army of doctors worked to stabilize me in resus.”

“Thank you for your thoughtful messages; they mean a lot to me,” she added.

I’m sure you understand that, while I may read them, I’m not in a position to respond right now.

“And when I’m ready, I’d like to share what I’ve been through with you in my own words.”

For the time being, I’m just concentrating on my health and taking things day by day.

Thank you for your virtual love and support, as always.

It makes a significant difference.”

Deborah revealed in December that she was entering an “uncertain phase” with her stage 4 bowel cancer after a “scary six months.”

After a failed op, the Sun columnist, 40, was waiting to learn what the next steps of her treatment would be in the New Year.

The mother of two has…

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