‘Karen’ Mask: This Viral See-Through Tulle Face Mask Trends on Social Media


A Brazilian beauty store went viral last Saturday, July 11. This was after the store posted on its Facebook page, an image of one of their products that said to represent femininity in wearing face masks amid pandemic. However, people seemed to be uninterested in wearing the said face mask– calling it the mask of ‘Karen.’ Here’s why. 

Have you already seen the image above? If yes, you might be one of the thousands asked, “what the heck is this face mask?”

This image was courtesy from a Brazilian beauty boutique called Zilda’s Beauty Center. According to their Facebook post, this face mask is now on stock and can now be availed exclusively on Zilda’s.

The mask was said to be a representation of female unity amid the Coronavirus pandemic. As promoted, this face mask is “beautiful and super comfortable.” Zilda’s Beauty Center did not detail the post on how much they will be charging for the viral face mask.

See-through face masks are no longer new to the market. There were reports saying companies are now looking forward to making more see-through-designed face masks to help people with autism or hearing loss– since they depend on lip-reading.

Here’s the problem with this mask, though. It has a lot of holes in it.

Face masks are essential items to curb the spread of coronavirus all over the world. Since the virus feeds on personal contact with liquid human droplets, wearing a face mask is the best way to prevent it.

“Everyone should wear a cloth face cover in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain,” said United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Since Zilda’s mask has holes in it, the droplets from your mouth or nose will be easily getting out away from your mask, resulting in worse scenarios for COVID-19 spread.

The term ‘Karen’ was originally from a meme used to describe white women in mid-40s that are perceived as entitled, obnoxious, or angry.

Since the model of the Zilda’s ‘stupid’ mask was a white woman. People continue to call the mask as the ‘Karen’ face mask.

“Let me go through the exact same effort as it would take to put on a NORMAL mask but let me consciously risk the health and safety of those around me because I have no general respect for human life” is what this woman’s picture says to me,” said one Redditor.

Another Redditor even called the mask as only effective as a ‘sunk boat.’ 

As of now, the Facebook post already has over 65,000 shares, and 88,000 reacts. 

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