Men seeking a ‘daddy-do-over’ to fend off the signs of ageing has risen by 29% since 2000


The number of men seeking a ‘daddy-do-over’ to fend off the signs of ageing has risen by 29 per cent since 2000. 

Men are increasingly turning to Botox and fillers to regain their youthful looks, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says.

More than 1.3million procedures on men were carried out last year alone in the US, with nose jobs and eyelid lifts among the most common. 

Non-invasive procedures such as laser hair removal have also soared in popularity, according to the figures.

The surgeons body said fathers are keen to fend off the ‘dad bod’ they have gained over years or parenting. 

They are also seeking more confidence to help them compete and progress in their career, said ASPS president Dr Alan Matarasso.

He added: ‘Obviously, men don’t go through the same physical changes that women experience during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

‘But their lifestyle does change, which can impact their appearance.’ He added: ‘Diet and exercise patterns fluctuate, and they don’t sleep as much. 

‘Men notice their body changes due to aging and parenting, and it starts to look completely different in their 30s and 40s. That is the point of a daddy-do-over.’ 

Similar to what is known as a mommy or mummy makeover, the ‘daddy-do-over’ is a set of procedures done in one single surgery.   

More than 200,000 surgical procedures were performed on men in the US in 2018, 52,000 of which were for the nose. 

Eyelid surgery ranked second with 31,500, and liposuction was the third most popular, but both had reduced by more than 40 per cent since 2000.

Gynecomastia, which is breast reduction, ranked number four with more than 24,000 procedures, up 22 per cent since 2000, and hair transplantation ranked fifth, up 17 per cent since 2017. 

Other procedures like the buttocks lift have soared in interest – 370 men had the procedure, a seven-fold increase in 18 years. 

Dr Matarasso said male patients are interested in non-surgical procedures, which are those that are non-invasive such as fillers, to the same degree as female patients.

Laser hair removal saw an increase of 39 per cent since 2000 and microdermabrasion, which reduces the appearance of fine lines, by 59 per cent.

Nearly half a million Botox procedures were performed on men last year, and more than 100,000 men had filler injections to reduce the signs of aging.   

Dennis, 59, a creative director from New York City, found it challenging to lose weight in specific areas despite having a lean physique.

He underwent chin surgery, fat removal surgery in the cheeks, and an eye lift to achieve a more youthful, toned appearance. 

Dennis, whose surname has not been revealed, said: ‘I’ve been in fashion my entire career, and it makes me feel good when I walk in the room and I don’t feel as if I look 60 in a room of 25- to-30-year-olds.

‘I always carried weight in my neck and chin, and my droopy eyelids made me look more tired than I actually was. I’ve gained unexpected confidence from the small changes I took.’

Dr Matarasso said: ‘Men are embracing the idea of surgery more than before.

‘Regardless of the reason though, I always stress the importance of consulting with a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

‘Our unique training and qualifications allow us to perform cosmetic procedures of all types.

‘We are committed to providing plastic surgery patients with the safest outcomes, and we want them to have peace of mind as we help them achieve their aesthetic goals.’

In the UK, surgeons said men are shunning almost all forms of surgical procedures as they embrace the ‘natural dad bod’.

Instead, they are favouring non-invasive facial procedures instead, such as eyelid and brow lifts surgery, up by 25 and 27 per cent respectively in 2017, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said.  


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