Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise Rents $700K Ship to Continue Shooting Film Amid Pandemic


Mission: Impossible actor Tom Cruise has just proven that there are no missions that are impossible for him. According to a report, Cruise recently rented a nearly $700,000 ship in order to continue the filming of its upcoming 7th installment of the action film.

One of the most iconic roles of award-winning Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is his character as special agent Ethan Hunt on Mission: Impossible film series. 

In 2021, the 7th installment of the film is set to be released in theatres. But since the pandemic started, the production of the film was postponed for the safety of the crew and the actors. 

However, the shooting may now soon proceed just in time. Daily Mail UK reported on Tuesday, Sept. 1, Cruise allegedly rented a 500-seating capacity ship worth nearly $700,000 to continue shooting his film. 

Sources from the report said that the Hollywood actor rented the grandest Hurtigruten watercraft for filming most of his scenes in Norway. 

It was not specifically said whether the ship would be the crew’s service or location site in the area, or whether it will be used as part of the scene. However, it was entailed that Cruise wanted everyone to be safe from any viruses they may get outside from doing scenes. Therefore, rented the ship for the M.I. crews and staff. 

Cruise’s main purpose in renting the ship although, is to make sure that they will finish the scenes before the scheduled release of M.I. 7. 

“They are terrified of further delays. Tom is determined not to see any more hold-ups,” said by an unknown source. “The studio believes it will keep everyone safe and get this shoot wrapped up.”

As also reported via Daily Mail UK and Norwegian publication VG, it was recently claimed that Cruise was actually ‘exempted’ from Norway’s quarantine rules due to the film. 

Norway’s Minister of Culture Abid Raja noted that he allowed the production team of Mission: Impossible to continue its shooting even without having to quarantine at home. 

However, all of them are subjected to take two health tests 48 hours upon their arrival in Norway. The minister also clarified for its citizens that the Cruise’s production team are not allowed to have contact with anyone aside from their crew members. 

Skydance Media, New Republic Pictures, Paramount Pictures, or even Cruise’s team have not yet confirmed any of these reports. 

But if it is true, he definitely proved that no mission is impossible for him. At this time, it is the pandemic he needs to face. 

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Written by Jamie Pancho 

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