Morgue swamped by Covid-19 deaths left body out for 10 days ‘until stench got too much’ – Latest News


Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital (MY) is one of the biggest hospitals in Madhya Pradesh and is the teaching hospital of MGM Medical College in Indore.

Hospital staff only noticed the decaying corpse once the stench became unbearable, it is reported.

Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital in India has reportedly requested more freezers after one body was left to decompose for about 10 days because there was no room for it

An Indian morgue has run out of room for bodies, leaving one to decompose for 10 days

The body of a patient was left to decay on a stretcher outside the morgue freezers for 10 days

An inquiry into the incident has been launched by authorities

The hospital is reportedly requesting more freezers in which to house bodies

Some days see more than 20 bodies arrive in the morgue, which only has 16 freezers.

A morgue in India is so overrun with coronavirus victims that one body was reportedly left out to decompose on a stretcher for 10 days.

Its morgue has been swamped with corpses in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 82,000 Indians so far.

An inquiry into the forgotten corpse has now been ordered by hospital authorities.

Staff found the unidentified body in an advance state of decomposition, which is believed to have been about 10 days old.

It’s believed there wasn’t enough room for one corpse so it was left on a stretcher and seemingly forgotten about. It was only discovered once a strong smell of rotting flesh began emanating from a particular section of the morgue.

“In case of unidentified bodies, we keep them in the freezer for at least seven days after which we inform the municipal corporation to dispose of them respectfully,” a hospital employee known only as Thakur told the Hindustan Times.

“Sometimes in a day, more than 20 bodies come to the morgue and we have only 16 freezers,” they said.

Thakur said the bodies received at the MY Hospital morgue belong to both coronavirus victims and patients who died of other causes.

“Now, we are inquiring why this particular body was not shifted to the freezer and whether or not the municipal corporation was informed about it.”

“Hence, we have also requested the authorities concerned to increase the number of freezers.”

Other Indian hospitals have come under scrutiny after viral footage showed Covid-19 patients being treated next to dead bodies, which are supposed to be removed from hospital rooms within 30 minutes of death.

India recently passed the grim milestone of five million coronavirus cases.

In June the body of a coronavirus patient went missing from a hospital in Mumbai, and was later found partially decomposed in the overcrowded morgue.

An Indian morgue has run out of room for bodies, leaving one to decompose for 10 days

An Indian morgue has run out of room for bodies, leaving one to decompose for 10 days (Image: Getty Images)


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