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But instead of getting a fever or persistent cough, incredibly painful rashes flared up on her hands and feet.

Sarah Churchill had a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath at the end of February – when just 15 people had tested positive for coronavirus.

Sarah Churchill from Bournemouth in Dorset thought her painful rashes could be cancer or even HIV, after she was left with shortness of breath and a rapid heartbeat

A Brit mum has discovered she was one of the first people in UK to get coronavirus

She’s now warning other Brits about this unusual symptom of Covid-19

Terrified Sarah thought she was going to die and was scared she would leave her nine-year-old son Noah alone.

A mum-of-one who suffered terrifying mystery rashes for months has finally found out she was one of the first Brits to get Covid-19.

Eventually, more than three months later, the 36-year-old was told she had contracted Covid-19 in late February.

At first, doctors thought she might have blood cancer or even HIV and were left stumped when medical tests showed no ailments.

“I really thought I would die. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster.”

“It was pretty scary being told I might have HIV or blood cancer,” she said.

Now Sarah wants to warn other Brits – who have suffered rashes – that they might have unknowingly got the deadly virus as well.

Sarah, of Bournemouth, Dorset first felt ill at the end of February.

Her GP put it down to the flu and she “didn’t think anything else of it”.

She says she got night sweats, a racing heartbeat and severe shortness of breath.

This was weeks before Britain went into lockdown, and only around a dozen Covid-19 cases had been confirmed.

But a week later, horrible red marks flared up on her hands, feet and nose.

He thought Sarah might even have blood cancer or even suffer HIV.

“I just thought I was going to die,” shocked Sarah said.

Her doctor was left “gazumped” and said he thought she was immunosuppressed.

Sarah Churchill

Rash on hand


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