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Letticia Pevy, 38, was given an automatic fail after the examiner deemed her passenger seat a ” Covid-19 ” risk as it was too dirty.

The distraught mum failed her first attempt without even being given a chance to drive.

Letticia Pevy, 38, was “mortified and embarrassed” after an examiner failed her before she had even begun her driving test as the mum-of-five was told her car was “too dirty”

Letticia was left embarrassed after failing

The mum-of-five failed because her seat was dirty

She was left crying for 45 minutes after the test

She said: “It’s not immaculate but as a busy working mum of five, our family car is often last priorities.”

A mum-of-five burst into tears after failing her driving test before it had even begun because her “seat was dirty.”

The New Zealand woman claims she had cleaned the seat before the test, however if she was aware of the consequences she would have taken more care.

“I have masks and sanitisers. Is there anything I can get that you can sit on?”

“’There’s no way I pose a risk to you, or my car.

Speaking to 7news, Letticia said she told the examiner: “If it’s because of COVID, I actually have a thing on my phone to say I have had a test recently and it’s negative.

She then received an email explaining she failed for “health and safety reason.”

The examiner reportedly failed her on the spot as he sat down in her Mazda.

After finding out she had failed, she “ended up crying in her car for 45 minutes.”

Letticia says she was a confident driver initially however was “mortified and embarrassed” after the incident.

The mum-of-five said the examiner was not wearing any protective equipment at the time of the test.

VTNZ, the driving test company had refused to refund Letticia for the $100 booking fee.

However, the company later apologised and gave her a free res-sit for the test.


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