My heart-shaped freckle on my face was my favorite feature until doctors told me it could kill me.


My heart-shaped freckle on my face was one of my favorite features until doctors told me it could kill me.

A YOUNG woman was shocked when doctors told her that a heart-shaped freckle on her face was skin cancer.

Kayla Mailer, who is now cancer-free, is sharing her story to encourage people to always wear sunscreen.

“I would have died when I was 28 years old if I hadn’t removed it,” Kayla, from Portland, Oregon, said.

“I didn’t tan much before the diagnosis, but as a kid, I used to run around Alabama without sunscreen, or at least without reapplying every two hours.”

She had the tiny freckle on her left cheek since she was 12, and it grew into the distinctive heart shape over the course of 15 years.

When she was 27, it darkened in color and lost its distinguishable shape.

Kayla visited her primary care physician and was referred to a dermatologist, who performed a biopsy.

After three days, she received the devastating news that her melanoma was a “highly aggressive” type.

“I was getting ready to go to work a 12-hour night shift at the jail when I got the call from the dermatologist saying I had a highly aggressive form of melanoma,” she explained.

“I sobbed in my bathroom and had constant anxiety about dying after that.”

Kayla then underwent extensive surgery, which included having her face “filleted” and having layers of skin removed later.

She underwent surgery in which a specialist delicately sliced each layer of cancerous tissue and sent it to be tested.

“At the appointment, they put me in a chair that looked like a dentist chair and reclined me back,” Kayla explained.

“They cleaned the area and started injecting something into my cheek to numb it, then started cutting a circle around the cancer on my cheek.”

“I could feel the cuts near my nose as they were doing it, and then they peeled it [the tissue]away from my face.”

“There’s nothing quite like having your skin scraped away.”

“I could see the yellow layer of fat that came with it, which left a gaping, bleeding hole in my face the size of a pepperoni and resembled one.”

“They then proceeded to cauterize the hole and apply a massive bandage to my wound while I awaited the results.”

She was informed the next day that all of the melanoma had been successfully removed.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that has the potential to spread to other body organs.

The appearance of a new mole or a change in an existing mole is the most common melanoma symptom.

This can happen anywhere on the body, but the most common areas that are affected are…

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KayIa Mailer wants to warn others about what happened to her from not wearing enough suncreamShe had intense surgery to remove the mole and was left with a large wound on her faceThe young woman had the cancer cut out of her faceShe has now recovered but wants people to ensure they wear enough suncream

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