Passenger ‘forced plane back to gate’ after refusing to wear mask over his nose – Latest News


For a mask to be effective it has to be fully covering your face and nose as particles can escape the body through the nostrils.

A video shared on TikTok appears to show the man being escorted off the plane as he wore a mask over his mouth – but not over his nose.

A video shared on TikTok appears to show a passenger being asked to leave a plane after he refused to wear a mask over his nose. The airline refuses travel for people who are not wearing masks

The passenger was reportedly asked to get off the plane

The steward, who is wearing a black mask, then gestures down the plane towards the exits.

A stubborn passenger reportedly caused a plane to leave the runaway because be refused to wear a mask properly.

In the video a man with white hair can be seen talking to an air hostess.

The clip was shared on the video app by user @itspacey, real name Pacey Hansen.

The passenger in question then exits the plane.

And in the next clip the man, who is in a dark t-shit, is seen walking down the isle with a blue surgical mask covering his mouth.

He then showed the American plane, which was a Southwest jet, driving down the runway.

He said in the video: “Someone on my flight’s refusing to wear a mask so now we have to go back to the gate.”

The passenger did have a mask on his face but his nose was exposed.

The video then cut to show a flight attendant escorting the man down the isle and off the plane.

Hansen then went on: “And the funniest part about this situation is that the dude refused to wear it over his nose. He still had it on his face.

Southwest, a major player in U.S airlines, tightened its Cover-19 safety restrictions last week.

It implemented a new policy on July 27 requiring all passengers over the age of 2 to mask up during flights, and between check in and baggage claim.

And in the video caption he wrote: “Worst part is that he checked his bag and now they have to find it underneath the plane.”


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