Pubs to be patrolled to enforce social distancing as they open next month – Latest News


The new measures will also see changes in restaurants, tables will no longer be laid out in advance and hotel porters will leave room service outside rooms.

Plans were revealed yesterday as the hospitality sector gears up to get back to business.

The government will announce new measures for the hospitality industry to reopen safely next month, Brits will face a “new normal” as pubs, restaurants and hotels get back to business

Pubs will be patrolled to enforce social distancing

Customers could be served on the pavement to encourage sitting outdoors

The government will announce new measures to ensure reopening next month

Along with this, the government is due to reveal new guidance for hospitality industry officials as Britain embraces a “new normal.”

As the hospitality industry looks to open next month, pubs will implement new measures which include patrolling to ensure customers remain socially distanced.

The Times reports Boris Johnson will also announce scrapping the two-metre social distancing rule from July 4 so pubs, restaurants and hotels can reopen.

Additionally, pubs, bars and restaurants will be entitled to serve alcohol to customers sitting outdoors.

Changes in restaurants include bringing out cutlery and napkins with food to avoid risk of transmission, and disposable menus.

Some of the changes to kickstart the sector include ordering booze on apps rather than bars, and returning glasses at “spaced-out” tables.

Pubs in England could see the new measures being put into place in a bid to allow more outdoor seating and fulfil government social distancing guidelines.

In parliament, two ministers discussed a number of possibilities as they tried to quell a Tory revolt over the two-metre social distancing rule, reports Mirror Online.

A minister also hinted roads could be shut to allow more space for outdoor seating and more “temporary markets” to help the economy.

The PM has launched a review that could see it cut to one metre or 1.5 metres – and will listen to economists, not just experts on coronavirus.

Currently, the two-metre rule has been adopted by countries around the world to prevent the spread of coronavirus, despite the World Health Organisation recommended one-metre.

But Tory MPs are angry after he only promised to finish it in “the coming weeks” – despite pubs hoping to reopen in England from July 4.


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