School curriculums slashed next year with more focus on English and maths – Latest News


Under new potential plans, some subjects may not be taught until 2021, allowing pupils to catch-up with core studies after losing time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Draft government plans suggest the full school curriculum may be slashed until next year summer, reports The Telegraph.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson will announce new measures for schools to implement as pupils go back to school in September – draft plans show students may have to drop some subjects

Social distancing rules will be announced this week

Some subjects may be slashed in a bid to help pupils catch up on core subjects

The full syllabus may not return until 2021

Proposed guidance on schools reopening may also consider GCSE students dropping certain subjects completely in a bid to make space for English and maths.

A “reduced” version of the school curriculum may be taught from September with a heavy focus on maths and English.

Ministers will consider the plan to make up for absent pupils in school during lockdown.

The Department for Education will also be publishing a detailed outline.

This week, Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, will announce new measures on how schools will adjust and operate in the new academic year.

To help students in first year secondary school, parts of their final year English and maths at primary may be taught again, according to The Telegraph.

Reopening school and creating a plan to ensure children are able to catch up comes amid backlash from parents around the government’s failure to reopen schools in the eased phase of lockdown.

Gavin Williamson expressed his shock over the resistance against reopening schools to The Daily Telegraph.

The government will also notify schools of new social distancing advice which includes banning whole-school assemblies and different lunch times for year groups.

“We have got almost 1.5 million ­children back at the moment and we have proven we can run schools safely for children and for staff.

He said: “The fundamental priority is getting every child back to school.

He also warned parents will be fined if their children don’t go back to school in September.

“I must confess I never believed we would face the level of resistance we ended up seeing over things that we know are right for the children.


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