School unveils plan to force 1,300 students to change face masks six times a day – Latest News


The plans were unveiled to parents in an email that was sent out to suggest fresh face coverings would be required for all staff and pupils throughout the day.

The request has come from staff at the Dr Challoner’s Grammar in Amersham, Buckinghamshire – which has 1,300 pupils on its register.

Parents have reacted angrily after an email from staff at the Dr Challoner’s Grammar school in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, said children would need six face coverings per day to attend the school

Schools reopened in England at the start of the month

One school in Amersham has requested pupils be supplied with six masks per day

The Sun reports the school has 1,300 pupils and 200 staff meaning a total of 1,500 people would require six masks per day – totalling 9,000 per day or 45,000 per week.

Parents have reacted in anger to a school’s demand that children pack six face masks per day to allow for coverings to be changed between every class.

With five lessons set throughout the day and a further fresh covering requested for travel home at the end of the day, it would mean those attending the school would need six masks per day to comply with the fastidious plans.

The dad went on to argue that forking out for re-usable face masks would still end up being costly.

“It goes without saying that even reusable masks should also be changed each time. The only difference between the two is that the reusable one can be washed rather than being thrown away.

Fuming father David Meacock, 54, grumbled to the publication: “If all schools did this, I doubt the UK has the capacity to provide this many masks even if parents could afford it. If this is what’s required to keep schools safe then the reality is that it isn’t possible.

He argued at least 12 washable masks would be required per child for them to have six to take to class one day while the other six would be at home being washed and dried.

According to The Sun, pupils who do not wear masks will be “challenged”, while the statement emailed by the school reads: “If a student is wearing a disposable mask, this will be viable only for one journey.

Mr Meacock estimates the cost for 12 reusable masks could be as much as £120 per child.

“They will need a fresh mask for each lesson change and the homeward bound leg of their travel.

Daily Star Online have contacted Dr Challoner’s Grammar for comment.

“On arrival, the student must dispose of the mask into a bin.”


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