Stay Safe In Style With $1,000 Louis Vuitton’s Face Shield?


Louis Vuitton unveils its new luxury face shield, and it costs almost $1,000, according to some news outlets. However, a representative opposed the news as the item’s price is not yet announced. 

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Before thinking about buying this stylish face shield, remember that super cheap face protections could also provide the same protection. However, most people can’t help to admire the stylish face shield from Louis Vuitton, despite it is 97% plastic. 

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Compared to other face shields, this one has a headband that secures the user’s head, making it less as a chemical technician would design. Also, unlike cheap face shields that are sold flat and require some assembly, this one can’t be disassembled, so expect it would be shipped in a large box once your order it.

According to Vanity Fair’s latest report, Louis Vuitton’s product could be flipped upwards to be used as a hat, providing its users with a more convenient option. Another perk of this item is its “transition lens technology,” which allows it to go from clear to dark depending on sunlight’s level.

However, experts say that people should not buy it since $1,000 is a ridiculous high-price for a face shield. There are also other reasons you might consider before purchasing this product.

Before you think of buying this product, you should remember that although face shield adds eye protection, it should not be used as a replacement for masks, as most experts suggest. Researchers previously explained that using face protections could also spread particles around its sides quickly. 

However, Louis Vuitton’s design is different from others since its sides are curved. Although that might be a good thing, experts still urge people to stay inside their homes rather than wearing multiple layers of PPE and go out to the public. 

Face shields are still essential, especially for those who need to go out because of their jobs. They also reduce the chance of coronavirus transmission in restaurants. Although many face shields are currently made, always choose the most practical one to provide the best protection.  

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