Survey: France, Germany, and Sweden divided over lifting restrictions for vaccinated citizens.



Coronavirus restrictions should be lifted for those vaccinated, 30 to 40% of people in France, Germany and Sweden have said.

A recent survey shows people in European nations are split on the next steps. In Germany, around 38% would support lifting restrictions for the vaccinated, around 36% would oppose, and another 26% are uncertain. The research team found relatively similar results in all three nations.

Researchers from the University of Exeter found three factors that were particularly important in explaining who would support lifting restrictions for the vaccinated. Those who are already vaccinated were more supportive; vaccine hesitancy is associated with opposition to lifting restrictions for the vaccinated and people’s general tolerance of risk was also associated with their opinions on allowing more freedoms for the vaccinated. Those who are more risk averse are more likely to oppose lifting restrictions for the vaccinated.

Dr. Sabrina Stöckli said: “Support for the lifting of restrictions is likely to grow as the share of vaccinated individuals increases.”

Dr. Florian Stoeckel said: “What is striking in our data is that we do not see a large effect for political attachment in our analysis after accounting for vaccine status, vaccine beliefs, and general risk orientation. While any issue can become politicized, at this point in time divisions in public opinion do not occur along partisan lines. Beliefs about vaccines appear to be a key dividing point. These kinds of policies are seen critically by those who are vaccine hesitant, which makes sense as these individuals will have to do something that concerns them (getting vaccinated) in order to experience greater freedoms that other people would get to enjoy in the near term.”

The online survey was conducted in three countries in April 2021. There were 1,759 respondents in Germany, 1,753 in France, and 1,756 in Sweden. Respondents were recruited from an online survey panel maintained by Dynata. The respondents reflect the population with regard to the following characteristics: age, gender, education, and regional origin. The study was funded by the European Research Council.

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