Teacher ‘dies of Covid-19’ after collapsing on Zoom in front of horrified students – Latest News


De Simone, 46, taught politics and international relations at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires.

Horrified classmates watched on as their teacher, Paola de Simione, struggled to breathe mid-lecture.

Paola de Simione had written on Twitter that she was struggling to shake the symptoms of coronavirus. She said she had been ill for four weeks and her doctor husband was also “exhausted”

The Argentinian professor collapsed whilst Zooming students

She has been described as a passionate teacher

A video of her collapsing was widely shared on social media, Mail Online reports.

A university lecturer died of suspected coronavirus after gasping for air during a live zoom class streamed to students.

The lecturer had been delivering a class live-streamed to students via Zoom on Tuesday when she started having respiratory problems.

But the professor responded “I can’t”, according to media sites Clarín and MDZ.

According to local media, horrified students were so concerned for their teachers health they begged for her address so they could call an ambulance.

She died on Wednesday in hospital, local media reported.

She said her husband, a doctor, was exhausted and that she had been symptomatic for four weeks.

De Simone had spoken on social media about experiencing Covid-19 symptoms at the end of August.

The teacher continued to work via live streamed lectures despite feeling the effects of the killer virus.

“My husband is exhausted from working so much at the moment.”

She wrote: “It is very complicated. I have been here [with the virus]for more than four weeks and the symptoms do not go away.

Her university has expressed its “deep sorrow” at her death.

One student paid tribute to the teacher on Twitter.

A statement read: “Paola was a passionate and dedicated teacher, and a great person.”


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