The dexamethasone, this drug shows promise against the COVID will be used at the CHUM


The dexamethasone, this medicine of the family of steroids, including the large clinical trial has shown extremely encouraging results in the fight against the COVID-19 in severely ill patients, will be administered to patients at the CHUM.

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This was confirmed by Dr. Michael Chassé, intensivist at the centre hospitalier universitaire located in the city centre of Montreal.

“I see myself as a doctor, a researcher is very skeptical, and you confirmed today that patients who did not have dexamethasone will receive, or a derivative of it,” he said in an interview with Paul Larocque on the waves of LCN.

“The preliminary results are sufficient to say that the benefits outweigh the risks, now it is still subject to see the final study”, he specified.

Nevertheless, the study is very extensive and good quality evidence of the benefits of this treatment, which reduces by one third the mortality in patients with the most severely affected by the COVID-19.

The study will be analyzed in details in the next few days, and the decision to administer the product or not will be made at the bedside of the sick, ” while waiting to have guidelines of higher authorities. The doctors always have the independence to treat their patients with the best knowledge they have,” says Dr. Chased.

How to treat the patients with the COVID-19 has also evolved over the last months, in particular, by using new strategies.

“It is the best! It is able to better optimize the fans. Even that of patients that we would put under fans three months ago, today we are going to have alternatives. We can spare a machine to a patient. We optimized our treatments,” commented Dr. Chased.

In Britain, the health service announced on Tuesday that they would use this drug in the fight against the new coronavirus in the country.

According to the researchers of the clinical trial Recovery, “a death on eight could be avoided through this treatment for patients placed under mechanical ventilation”.

The benefits of this drug were observed than in patients hospitalized on oxygen and more. “For people who do not have symptoms, or few symptoms, who are at home, these patients do not benefit from this treatment and can even have potential side effects,” says the doctor.

This drug is already used in many indications for its anti-inflammatory effect powerful.

In the framework of the test Recovery, 2 104 patients received this treatment (orally or intravenously) for 10 days.



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