The doctor called an inexpensive product that powerfully strengthens the immune system

Director of the Samara Research Institute of Dietetics and Dietotherapy Mikhail Ginzburg named a product that is recommended to be used during a period of an increase in the number of colds, reports PRIMPRESS.

According to the doctor, we are talking about seaweed. It is recommended to use it during a period of epidemic of viral infections. This product greatly strengthens the immune system, and also costs, as a rule, not very expensive.

“Thanks to seaweed, we are less likely to get seasonal colds.” Any seaweed is suitable for stimulating immunity: it canned in a bank and sheets in the form of chips, ”said the specialist on Sputnik radio.

He added that due to the increased iodine content (a record among other products), seaweed also helps fight fatigue, which is especially important in the winter-spring period.

It was previously reported that our immunity protects against viruses, bacteria and prevents the development of degenerated body cells, which blocks the development of tumors. However, not always our immunity works in full force and cannot fully protect human health. In some cases, when his work simply slows down, it is easy to pick up any viral or bacterial infection.

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