The drugs are really effective as the original?


The drugs are really effective as the original? You can feel safe and reliable generic drugs as brand-name ones? Why is there a huge difference in cost and how much you’ll save in buying them? In this brief review we will give you answers to the most frequent questions that assail the consumer about the effectiveness and reliability of drugs.

The personal health and that of their loved ones is one of the main priorities that characterize the contemporary society is constantly striving to look for the perfect shape. On the basis of this principle of care, it would be hard to take a drug that partially effective, or not at all healing if you are unwell. In this regard, the scenario in the pharmaceutical present, many consumers are asking the question of amletica memory: generic or non-generic? The drugs are really effective as the original?

What drugs are equivalent and how they work

What is a generic drug? It is a drug that contains the same amount of the active ingredient and the same bioavailability of another drug. Usually, the generic drugs come on the market and are manufactured by other companies after the expiry of the patent protection of another brand. The definition of drug equivalent (or generic) has been introduced in Italy by the law 149 of 2005.

From the pharmacological point of view a drug equivalent has no difference with that brand name, so much so that he speaks of bioequivalence in this regard. What could change between the two types of medication is the pharmaceutical technology with which is produced. Another possible variation existing between the two may be related to the different composition. Although there may be some of these differences, however, from the pharmacological point of view there are remarkable disparities.

What is the difference between the equivalent and the brand-name medications?

On the basis of these premises, we can say that the drugs are really effective as the original? Since on the pharmacological there is some equivalence, it follows that the effectiveness of one is equivalent to the effectiveness of the other. A remarkable difference from the record is found certainly in the cost. In fact, where the drugs “brand name” have a certain cost, the equivalent ones can have prices reduced by up to 80% less. At the lower price corresponds to a lower quality according to data detectable on the bioequivalence.

Then why do they cost less? The reasons behind the price difference are quite different and of another nature. The costs of research and promotion the pharmaceutical company has claimed for the patent of the brand name drug which is not related to the drugs. In essence, the generic drugs, when entering trade, do not have to amortize these expenses for marketing, as happens when the active ingredient is covered by patent.

How to save on the purchase of medicines

In the last instance, the choice of one or the other it remains equally free and involves both specialists and patients. What is certain is that with the purchase of the equivalent shows a big saving.

About saving, it is also useful to remember that the costs interactions that sustain it throughout the year, are repayable through deductions in the 730. For more details, read the deepening here.


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